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Congrats sierramtngirl!!!!  Praying for a sticky bean for you.
Thanks Wengrin! You're so sweet :) The BETA from 6 weeks 3 days was 79000 so nice and strong!! I haven't gotten the results for my repeat at 7 weeks 3 days, but I'm calling tomorrow so I'll let you all know!   Welcome Sukhada! Congrats on catching the first egg, that's awesome! I also have a morning nurser. She nurses throughout the day and before bed too, but the morning nurse is by far the longest. I was hoping that the nipple sensitivity will lessen over time, but...
Jumping in the on the new thread! All is well here...   I'm so happy you can finally move forward NaturallyMo!!
Do you think the longer nursing in the morning is a response to a possible change in supply?   Drs appointment went well! We are doing BETAs for 3 weeks in a row just to make sure, but I had an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat :) yay! Fingers crossed for a sticky baby! I'm 7 weeks exactly today. I think I might feel better after 10 weeks, maybe not till the usual 12 week hump though.
Just popping in to congratulate Piratemere, yay!!! 
Thanks RosieL!   DD is 17 months as well, and nurses 3-4 times per day. I've also been very sensitive at latch on - ouch! There was also about a week after my BFP that DD was super fussy - I wondered if perhaps my supply was dropping or the taste changed or something. She's ok now it seems.   I'm 6 weeks 3 days today. Yesterday evening I had one side of my throat sore and started feeling the aches of sickness coming. I started having a fever and tried going to bed...
Subscribing to the new thread :) Thanks!
Congrats tomtemama! 
Congratulations Brooksfam and Anaralia!    Welcome to the newbies!   Delighted I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!    AFM, I'm still pregnant! I think that everyday AF doesn't show lol. My nipples are very tender - and I'm still breastfeeding DD so yikes! And I have to pee a lot. Other than that I feel completely normal. I was initially a little nauseous but I'm not anymore which worries me but without any spotting I'm trying to stay positive! Thank...
NaturallyMo and zbugmama How confusing! Atleast the drs will be able to shed some light on the situation now. Fingers crossed for both of you!   AFM My temp was up this morning and spotting has stopped - yippee! 
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