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It is a lot, but like you said, worth it to make sure my daughter is in a good daycare.  BUT, I couldn't imagine having to pay for everything on my own.  I get a pretty good paycheck, and I think I'd be left with maybe $100 a month after paying for the basics (rent, bills, insurance, daycare, gas, car payment).  That doesn't even include clothes and gorceries.  Single mothers have my utmost respect, especially when they don't have another parent helping at all.   And...
Thanks so much for your help.  I googled behavioral contract and got tons of information.  I think that will give us a good jumping off point.
I pay $1,303 per month where I am.  I take comfort in knowing my husband takes care of his responsibilities, and even if we separated or divorced, he would do everything in his power to take care of his daughter.  He's shown that to me by how he takes care of his daughter from a previous relationship.  
And the fact that she is with a registered sex offender would make me think you'd want to fight even harder to see the child, as you and your husband would be able to look out for her, even if it is only four days a year.
My apologies for misunderstanding on visitation.  And *I* do not get that money.  My husband and I pay that much money to his ex.  Would I enjoy that extra money each month?  Sure.  But I don't resent sending it because I believe my husband is responsible for his daughter.  And he also has a 3-year-old with me.   My comments still stand.  Giving up on your child is something that child will NEVER understand.  
That is a very good idea.  That way she still has rules and consequences while her dad is away without my having to step in as the "disciplinarian".    Can I ask a stupid question?  What do you have in your behavioral contract?   
And if your husband had full custody of his child, I would BET you would be crying about not receiving child support from the mother if she were late.
If you and your husband decide to give up on this child, know that it is for YOU, and not in the best interest of a child.  No matter what reason you give, this child will NEVER understand abandonment.   BTW, you have very good visitation.  Why is seeing this child three days a week worse then never seeing him/her?   And no, you will not be absolved of your support responsibility by giving up your parental reponsibilities toward this child.  Your husband brought...
My husband and I are about to get custody of his 15 year old daughter.  He and I have a 3 year old daughter together.  I've been trying to find all I can on dealing with teenage stepchildren and getting myself mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the changes of having my stepdaughter with us full-time.   My question has to do with discipline.  First of all, I agree 100% that it should be my husband's job to discipline my stepdaughter.  But my husband...
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