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I wouldn't worry at all. Those growth charts are a joke, and I heard they are re-doing them. My baby is 10 months old at 29-30 pounds. birth was 8'2" 2 months was 16 pounds 4 months was 22 7 months was 26 9 months was 29 I ended up switching docs, he was sooo hung up on weight. Told me to nurse him only every 2 hours during the day and 4 hours at night (yeah right!) And then (this one was the best!) told me to watch the fried foods I give him at his 7 month...
sucking better? My almost 8 week old doesn't stay awake long enough to get a full meal, so he is constantly on the breast and crabby. I started pumping and giving it to him in a bottle, so he would be satasfied, but now I am worried that he will take to the bottle better than the breast. With the other 2, I supplemented with formula, and don't want to with this one. But I want him to feel content and happy too. Is it just a waiting game?
I have a 6 week old too! He also only nurses to sleep. And, I often wake up to find his face buried in my chest. I think you are doing everything right! If you are waking up frequently, then you are probably not sleeping as heavy as you think. I wouldn't worry too much. Can you try to get her to sleep in the crook of your arm?
I am a photographer too, and have done several maternities. So much easier than shooting children!! Anyway, I just had my own done last week, and they turned out so beautiful! It was fun to be on that side of the camera for once! You could also wear a shirt that buttons on top and leave the rest flowing openly to see your belly. I did that with a white shirt, and a black shirt. Have fun!
I feel your pain! This little one moves around so much, I just keep switching side to side until he goes to sleep. He usually wakes me up a couple times a night, and between that, and going pee 4-5 times I am waking up exhausted.
I bet it is Carpal Tunnel. Especially if you are waking up with it at night. I told my doc about it, and she told me that the pain usually starts in your dominant hand. I bought some hand braces that are made specifically for carpal tunnel, and I wear one sporatically throughout the day when it starts to hurt, and both of them all night. I usually don't wake up from the pain anymore. Now if there was only some kind of cure for waking up to go to the bathroom :LOL
I hear ya! I usually just read and don't have time for posting, but this one hit close to home! Yesterday I was so depressed, I wouldn't even eat dinner with my family. Then, like an hour later, I completely switched moods. Happy go lucky, telling dh about my stories of the day. It's crazy! And I agree, it is such a hot summer to be pregnant! I can't even imagine what August will bring, since it is usually the hottest here in Michigan. Hang in there!
I can't believe parents would actually spray something like that into their child's mouth. :
I have also felt little movements, but only a couple of times. I love feeling my littlest one!!
I am all about the chips this trimester, even though I normally am not too into chips. I also eat grapes and turkey sandwiches daily. And then chocolate in some form or another. :LOL
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