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I agree that the dress is quite expensive, but it is timeless and maybe I could give it to my daughter when she's pregnant :D hah, that's a joke! the outfits you suggested are great as well, especially all dresses from that link you suggested. Love them!
can you suggest some pregnancy dresses that would still look sexy, especially in summer? I have this in my mind - http://www.creativelatvia.com/en/Falling_to_Mars_dress I imagine it would look nicewith a baby bump underneath it. What dresses or other outfits do you wear?
congrats from me as well
I have a party planed in near future and I thought to buy the same dresses for both my girls - http://www.creativelatvia.com/en/Crimson_dress Is it a great idea or do I need to buy different dresses for them? :)
Hi, I'm new as well! :)
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