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a new pic....35 weeks. taken today http://tinypic.com/1sk0p1
Quote: Originally Posted by IdentityCrisisMama Sorry, OP ~ no help but wanted to ask a question. I hope you don’t mind. Is there some Waldorf pre-K guide that I can find on-line? I know DC doesn’t need ‘schooling’ right now but I’d love some framework to help us get a little structure at home. you can check out these books to set up a rhythm "you are your childs first teacher" and "oak meadows heart of learning manual" also check...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie Did you know Christopherus is coming out with a first grade book this spring? I know! Can't wait! I'm not sure if I will end up using OM in the end....who knows! the CH stuff is great!
I will be homeschooling in the fall (1st grade). I have OM first grade and two books from christopherus homeschool. I like the CH books alot! I've been wanting to hs dd for years now and now is the right time, finally, as I'm home full time indefinitely
Quote: Originally Posted by somewhere to grow Erica, I think Saige is such a nice middle name! We still haven't decided on our E's middle name, but Maeve seems to be it so far. My daughter likes Ellery better than Annika, so we're leaning that way. I just hope it doesn't end up being popular within months/years...we thought Maya was a unique name for our firstborn, and it's not! It's so nice to have people to share my name thoughts with! No one in...
thanks for sharing all those pictures! She is just beautiful!! oh the dipes are cute too!
thank you thank you for making this post...I haven't been on this forum for quite some time and just today I was at my wits end because Cody was screaming hysterically when it came time for his nap. It took him 2 hours to fall asleep. Not two hours of screaming but two hours of one of us going in and telling him to lay down and close his eyes to which he responds "I don't want TO"......and he does it at night also.....it's so hard to listen to him..it makes me so angry...
Quote: Originally Posted by JesiLynne i guess I'm lucky, My toddler has a big sister that he plays with for hours, but at the same time if big sis is off playing by herself then. same here except that if his big sister is at school, Cody can't seem to entertain himself for longer than 10 minutes.
honestly, I'd rather take Zoloft than eat the placenta...maybe the early pregnancy queasies got me but it just doesn't look remotely appetizing.
I just went to my dentist last week because my tooth chipped ( a previously filled cavity).....he drilled and gave me a temp. crown....going back next week for the permanent one. He didn't do any x-rays since I had xrays done on that particular tooth before I was pregnant. I didn't use any tylenol or advil after. I've had nine fillings this year so I'm used to the soreness! LOL baby was moving like crazy because I was pretty tense though!
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