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I do understand breastfeeding isn't a cake walk - we had our own issues but it was very important for me to breastfeed my son. I also understand it is not technically free - I too have over-priced nursing bras & tanks, a pump, never mind I eat more than a grown man to feed myself and my baby.   Thing is, these girls have successfully breastfed for 3 months. One of their babies is 12 weeks and weighs over 16 lbs on just breast milk! They are past the hard part (IMHO)....
Looks like thunderstorms tomorrow. Let's try for another day!
Completed steps 1 & 2. Here's 3!   I'd love a natural mattress for my baby! It's the only thing we're missing for the crib.
I don't agree with this but am looking to understand why someone might do this.   In my mom & baby yoga class two girls are working to switch to formula after successfully breastfeeding. I do not know their reasons for doing this as I have not asked, but have watched them move from breastfeeding in class with their then 6 week old babies to offering formula 7 weeks later. One girl's DS is now 13 weeks and she started formula in the last week or so and it sounds like...
PeterJ - Thanks so much for the thread and advice on telling the ped. to back off. I'm afraid this will be an issue at my little guy's 6 mo check up next month...   Are the AAP guidelines on "just leave it alone" online anywhere? If so, can you link them here?   Thanks!
Considering it's 2 hours to Thursday, let's try for next week. Early next week's looking sunny. What do you ladies think of Tuesday, Muriel Hepner Park, at about 11-ish?   HeliMom - Hope you feel better soon!
Hackettstown Midwives deliver at Morristown Memorial and do home births. Beauty of HB with them is if they need to transfer you to the hospital, they continue on as your primary care. There are three midwives in the group and they all work really well together.   They delivered my baby in December. Let me know if you'd like more info about them.
2Peaches - I don't mean to exclude anyone. Of course you're welcome!   Looks like rain all week, so we can try for some place indoors (suggestions?) or try for next week.
If it's raining, you may want to check out Imagine That children's museum. It's located in Florham Park, which is not far from 287 & 24. I've never been as my LO is too little, but I learned about it from a local moms group.   I second the Camden Aquarium, but pay close attention to your GPS. I wouldn't want to get lost in Camden...
I'm awful at picking locations and with my little guy being 5 months old we can go anywhere    HeliMom's said Fridays work best for her. Will this work for everyone else? I can do morning on Friday the 20th, or anytime the Friday after.
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