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I love babywearing because it makes traveling with an infant/toddler very compact, especially in crowded cities. You always know where the kid is if they're attached to you!
Tenk - I love that suit!   About a month ago I found and ordered this one from Old Navy: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=65081&vid=1&pid=895869002 . My toddler's signed up for mommy & me swim classes at the local Y and needed something I could grow into that'd keep me modest. It's surprisingly comfy, although it's a little big around the butt for me. It fits great everywhere else and definitely has room for the belly to grow. Love that it's a one-piece...
When we were in the early stages of transitioning from diapers to underware, i'd check with my son constantly, like every 20 minutes or when he was showing signs (pulling at his penis through his clothes or becoming quiet and shanding on his toes). He's two, so inevidably the answer'd be "no". So i'd ask if Bear needs to go, or whatever toy has his interest. This usually did the trick, Bear would "pee" first in his little potty and my son would follow. This did take...
  Our announcement for #2.
The most comfortable nursing bra I own is a Bravado. It's not the prettiest by any means, but I do find it to be super comfortable. It did come with foam inserts to conceal nipples, but I never used them so can't say how well they work. This is the bra. I purchased mine at a local baby/maternity shop that has recently closed and am sure I paid too much for it. I have been wearing it for 2+ years and think it's held up very well with constant use, although I'll probably...
Chiming in while I have a quiet moment, which is rare.   All you ladies look beautiful!! I'm loving all the bump pictures.     Here's my nearly 19 wk belly with # 2 from last Saturday (1 week ago). I'm trying on my first pair of skinny jeans ever, which are also maternity, and actually thought to snap a picture. Here we go:  
I've had many a nap time with my DS like this! Oh the pain!!!   Super sensitive nipples was my clue to being pregnant when I was only days along. Thankfully that subsided at around 10 weeks, but then they came back! I have no idea what happened but I'm not happy with it. Luckily clothes don't bother them, but when DS latches or DH brushes them in bed, they sure are tender.
Udder Milk can feel a little black-market-ish, but considering the sale of raw milk in NJ is illegal, they have to be. Their delivery trucks are non-descript white vans that look like they've seen better days and their delivery guys don't wear uniforms from what I could tell. They are cash-only.   When I used them, I followed the instructions on their website and simply left a cooler with ice or a cold pack on the porch by my front door. Inside the cooler I taped a...
I'd like to join the FB group. I hardly have time to slip away to post here. I'll send you a PM  
I've really been craving soup. Any chance I get I have a cup, which is tough since I'm picky and like REALLY GOOD soups, not caned or bland soups that a lot of restaurants serve.   Also lots of fruit, especially ripe strawberries. Tough to find this time of year, but so far I've been lucky.  
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