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Are you asking if we do the MMR vax, will I lose religious exemption status for the others she hasn't received?   No.  The religious exemption provided to us is very vague.  DD was vaxed mostly on time until she was 9 months.  So yes, she has some vaxes but not all. Does that make sense?
DD just turned 5 and we've never had a weekend away. Our 10 year anniversary is next year and since it doesn't look like anyone close to us is willing to watch the girls for a 3 night weekend (I've also gotten the passive aggressive comments about Mom about mothers leaving their children)... we'll likely be taking them with us!   I don't know.  Being a mother 24/7 is TOUGH.  If I am lucky enough to live to see grandchildren, I will do everything in my power to give...
I don't know that I would ignore a 3 year old telling me that she's skinny and beautiful.  Given the society that we live in, where so much emphasis is put on one staying skinny and beautiful and well, that isn't always that easy-- I would redirect her to talking about how she's smart and clever as well.  In our house, we also focus on things like being a good friend to others and having compassion. 
DD just turned 5 and is due to start kindergarten this fall.  We have previously used religious exemption to bypass the school's need for the vaxes.   She has been speech delayed and has made remarkable progress.  All of her testing is now falling within the range of normal for her age.  There remains some processing issues, of which, the neurodevelopmental ped. and I are almost certain are related to an Auditory Processing Disorder (though those are not officially...
I love our Baby Jogger.  It handles like a dream, has a combined seat weight limit of 100 lbs (I have the double).  The sun shades are amazing, the parking brake is great-- love everything about it.
Ditto Little Ella.  I have a double City Jogger Elite now for both of my girls and I like that combined the weight limit is 100 lbs. DD1 is 100th percentile for height and weight and she still fits in it and will be 5 in June.
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