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One of our best babysitters is a man - a teacher at our preschool. He's great, and he even often brings his wife along! Our priorities are trustworthiness, a loving attitude toward our children, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to care for the kids. Gender has nothing to do with it, truly.
Quote: Originally Posted by jenoline nak - sorry for short reply Google has a calendar program that I think will do what you want. I'm going to second the Google Calendar recommendation. You can customize it extensively, and give permission to view/edit to anyone you want. I keep our household calendar there, with things like the kids' various lessons, school meetings, my events, school dismissals and schedules, etc - basically, everything...
Usually by the time I wake up in the morning, there's me, DH, DD, DS, *and* the beagle in the bed. Thank goodness we've got a king-size bed! Our dog has always slept on our bed, by our feet, even when the kids were new. I'm sure it would send some people over the edge, but we knew where he was, where the kid(s) were, and it worked for us. If your DD is 16 months, it'll be fine. There's nothing cuter than finding the toddler and the dog curled up together, IMO!
Holy moly! My cousin and her husband just bought a house in Utah, up in the foothills, and it has a *heated roof*. At first I thought it was crazy, but if the alternative is either climbing up there and shoveling off the snow or having the roof cave in, I guess a heated roof is perfectly sensible.
I'd offer to help my brother with the ladder so he could get over himself. Other than that, I like the "what an odd thing to say" response. I must give off quite the don't-mess-with-me vibe, because even though I nursed my kids everywhere and anywhere, I have never had someone say anything directly to me about it. I feel so badly for anyone who gets such nonsense, especially from their family!
YAY, you made it! We had a lovely wine-soaked dinner, and now I'm back! Also, Ruthla waved at me way early in the thread and I'm still blushing!
Yay! My CLE is done, I get to keep my law license without paying a big fat late fee! So it's champagne, tenderloin, and maybe some ... time ... with DH, if we can sneak away! I will try to be back later, though .... HAPPY 2009!
Quote: Originally Posted by KailuaMamatoMaya One word: SHOWER. Oh, I forgot to mention the five-year-old who has never met a locked door that she didn't have to be on my side of RIGHT THIS MINUTE NOW MAMA I NEED YOU NOW LET ME IN!!!!!!! Yeah.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla tmi! Wasn't the discussion earlier about vacuums for birth control? How can ANYTHING be TMI after that? Houseguests + co-sleeping toddler = no privacy
There is no place in my house for private topless time with DH right now.
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