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Congrats! I'm only 17 weeks but this is when I feel like it starts to get exciting! You start to feel the baby moving and get to start preparing.    Enjoy your Mother's Day! 
Same here with the beef! I was craving it so badly so I made a delicious roast beef for dinner tonight with mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, and garlic green beans! It was amazing.    Ice cream is top on my craving list right now so at least once a week, I convince my dh to go to the frozen yogurt place down the street. We always wait at least 30 minutes or more in line but it is SO worth it. Last night I got pomegrante frozen yogurt with stawberries, kiwi, and mango!...
They sent out a group email inviting all their friends and I responded saying we wouldn't make it, but that I had a few gifts to bring over when they were ready for company. 
This is her second baby and actually she did have a baby shower with her first and was upset no one wanted to throw her one for this baby. I've already gotten her gifts for the baby, as I'd been planning all along. I have no hard feelings against her for the decision. They are the parents and it's what they feel is best. That's fine. 
Scheduled my ultrasound today! We should find out the gender on May 25th! 
I'm sure there's somewhere better to post this but I just needed to get it off my chest. We've lived here for 2 years now and we have friends that we've known just as long. Not super close friends but we spend a lot of time together, have kids the same age, etc. So a friend and her husband just had a baby boy yesterday. We went to visit. (He is absolutely gorgeous, btw!) They invited us to his Brisk (sp?) next weekend. They're a pretty traditional Jewish family, so I was...
I'm with you 100% on the cold crunchy apples! In fact, I could go for one right now! Pineapple is another big one for me right now. Barbeque chicken sandwiches are another. Like the kind from Red Robin. So unhealthy but so yummy!  Oh, and frozen yogurt! With kiwis.    I'm sure I have 100 more but that's all I can think of right now. 
I'm planning to find out, hopefully at around 18 weeks or so. (I'm 16weeks now) We found out with my ds and I liked being able to choose a name and plan ahead. I'm really hoping for a girl this time around. If this one is a girl, we won't find out for our third. We'll see. 
My dh's check is deposited into a joint checking account. Whoever happens to get the bill is the one who pays it. We have a spreadsheet on our computer for our budget so when we spend anything, we put it in the budget. Within reason, we each are free to do what we want with the money. Right now, I've been picking up some maternity clothes when I find them on sale. It works for us and he's made it a point to always call it "our money". 
I was having horrible morning sickness for a while but that has passed. I'm feeling extra picky so I'm finding it hard to eat healthy. I will work on that. My husband has been away on business and we're getting ready to move so things have been stressful. At my last appt, I had lost two pounds and now according to my scale, I've lost about four more! I eat three meals a day and drink a ton, how am I not gaining any weight? Today my dinner gave me diarrhea but that's...
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