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Thanks a lot! Yes, that helps!   My bed is around 19" high. I just can't imagine sleeping on a mattress on the floor at this point in my life. It would kill my back getting in and out of bed, especially since this mattress is thin, and there is no boxspring. I guess that sounds selfish. :(   I'll see how my son develops. Right now, he's almost 7 months old and doesn't crawl. Sometimes he rolls around the room (slowly), and scoots a little backwards on his belly....
This may be a strange question, but I'm wondering how high your mattress on the floor is.   I have a low bed frame, no boxspring, not a thick mattress.   I'm not keen to put my mattress on the floor because we have a disgusting old carpet we haven't been able to pull up yet. But I'm wondering if maybe my bed is already very low.   If you put your mattress on the floor, is it on top of a boxspring too? Or is it the mattress alone? What is the...
The best thing I did for my sleep was to get rid of my alarm clock with the glowing red numbers. It was like this thing staring me in the face, taunting me all night.   Whether my son woke up 2 times or 6 times, I got back to sleep easier. When I wasn't constantly reminded of what time it was, I was able to relax and nurse him while dozing myself. He would unlatch when he had enough and go back to sleep. Sometimes I didn't wake up until an hour later and would find...
Would a sleepsack help prevent her from sleep-crawling?
Can her father try giving her a cup since she won't take a bottle?
  How do you teach that skill? That's what I want to do with my son, but I have no idea how to start!  
My impression was that crawling on all fours, army crawl, bum scooting and rolling around the room were all considered OK.   If he's meeting other milestones, don't worry!
Where are you getting this information? Whatever it is, throw it out.   No credible resource would say a baby should roll over at 2 months.
EDIT: nevermind. You're getting better answers in your other thread. :)
I think people want to give juice to kids all the time because they associate juice with "vitamins" and "fruit"... therefore healthy. I think it's just marketing. It's supposed to be a healthy alternative to soda, but it's not really.
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