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these are really great posts!    - in 2010 drove from NM through Mexico to Guatemala over 6 days by myself in an old Land Cruiser   - my DH and i communicate with each other in our 2nd languages   - had a thing with a lucha libre wrestler who was missing a finger   - don't use facebook   - 3 time hula hoop champion :)
awww that's how i was with my #1 (a boy) .... no sickness and just wanted meat, meat, meat :) this time around i'm a sickie and food is lame! :)
same here. with our #1 we had no u/s, nothing but an initial blood test in the first trimester. i was very happy with our first experience. we also had a long drive to the birth center and planning a homebirth for this one. we were living in guatemala and the road was, um, bumpy to say the least. 45 minutes! i hope that a MW we find here will be as hands off as last time, assuming there's no need to be hands on :) 
I had a water birth with my #1 and labored a bit in the tub but, for me, it was not so comfortable. However, when baby was born I was in the tub and that was great. I would definitely do another water birth again!
i knitted up a storm with #1, in fact i really learned to knit actual stuff during that pregnancy. my attention to detail was out of control i was so into it. so far i've started a knit bonnet thing but hope to knit up more longies and sweaters and goofy stuff. i really enjoy knitting and crocheting stuff for kiddos!
Just blank, if possible. Thanks :)
EDD: Nov 24   I have no idea yet on baby's sex! Last time I had a 100% sure feeling around 4-5 months and was right. Maybe it'll come to me later.... :)
I don't know about kid friendly dance or music but LC has tons of parks and of course the university museums, plus the downtown stuff you likely saw at the Farmer's Market. There is also a pretty nice aquatic center, with a particularly cool park near there with a wooden playground/maze thing. There's definitely enough to keep busy for 1 day... but don't ask about 2 days :) 
I've tried that...When I click to View Profile, I can't figure it out. "Edit community profile" and "edit account details" don't let me change that line. What do I do once I'm "View Profile?"   Thanks :)
Where it says "that's my dog" on my profile. How do I change that?
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