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That is amazing!! I love this story - shows the powerful connection of our mind, body, and baby's will!
I have searched for the group and can't find it! Will someone send me an invite? I am lis mccachren. I've been more active in March ddc, but ummm, now it's April & I'm not in labor yet!
my best friend tested positive and declined antibiotics during labor or for baby ... the compromise or decision reached with her hospital midwife was to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days for monitoring.  they did this, and all was totally fine with their baby of course.  it may be an option to discuss with your care provider if you really don't want antibiotics and also end up needing to stay in hospital for AMA reasons.
beautiful bellies!!! i love the comment someone made about "bloated bumpin'" - that is totally how i feel!!! ill post a pic later on this weekend when my man is around to help me snag a good one!
Hi!  I am Lis, and I am due with #2 March 30.  I joined both april and march ddc because it is such an on the border date!  my son was born at 41 +1 weeks.  I am 26, will be 27 march 23, and we were trying for this little one!  planning another great home birth, hopefully in the water to relieve some pushing pressure this time
lots of great info already in this thread ... just wanted to add that Susan Weed's book Wise Woman's Herbal for Childbearing Years is a great resource.  It has info for teas as tonics (on going basis) and for specific conditions such as preterm labor, sleep problems, back pain/sciatica, prolonged labor.  obviously dont use anything outside of your comfort level.  i second the recommendation for buying herbs from Mountain Rose - they are such high quality and harvesting...
well, this baby is telling me he's a boy named Moses!  I have NEVER thought of this name until one day, meditating on the babe, it came to me.  I was intentionally trying for a girl, and we wont find out officially, but everything in me tells me its a boy.  no middle name yet and no girls name that feels "right" like Moses does.  we even told our 2 year old thats the baby's name, even though we also ask him frequently what HE wants to call the baby
ill post a pic later on.  i am definetly showing at 14 weeks and have been since 10 weeks, though i felt huge from bloating since about 7 days after conception!
I am 12 weeks now and SO grateful that the all day nausea has subsided. It's been replaced by allergies & sinus pressure, but ill take that! I can finally eat and even have cooked 2 meals which has seemed impossible til a few days ago. I think each day will be better. As to telling people, I told almost right away with both pregnancies. I am not good at keeping my own secrets, plus with feeling so bad I felt I had to tell as my excuse. I've met with my midwives already a...
Thanks Brandy! I found someone near Charlotte that would travel. Ill check out the site!
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