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Easton is a great name!  It was #2 on our list.  We ended up with a Elliot.  I don't think I could use it with your last name though.  Bummer.
Second baby here and I'm feeling the pressure at 21 weeks too.  I'm really nervous of how i'll feel at 40 wks.  So times it stops me dead in my tracks.  Ugh!
Gender disappointment is real and doesn't mean you are ungrateful and won't love the baby any less.  I am in the same boat.  I have a wonderful son and hope this baby is a girl as we are done at two.  We won't be finding out because we love having the surprise.  There's not a lot of great surprises in life.  And I think for me, knowing early would just make me overthink it more.  Once I see that precious baby it won't matter what the sex is.  Good luck processing this!!!
I'm due Aug 21!
Ah different group.  Ours was/is just a spinoff of the June 2012 DDC.   Now to do my intro! Hello, I'm Melanie, 35 and my DH is also 35.  We have one DS who is 18 months.  I found MDC when we began TTC and knew I wanted the more natural way.  I found a amazing DDC here and have learnt so much from it.  And fostered some really amazing friendships.  I hope to find a similar experience this time around. I breastfeed(extended), cloth diaper, blw, co-sleep (although I...
I'm in the June 2012 MDC DDC and a very active member and we don't have a Wendy in our group??  Do you go by a alias? LOL
Yeah Winnipeg and rural Manitoba has a huge shortage of midwives.  The one and only birth center in Winnipeg wasn't being used to capacity because of the shortage.  Totally sucks.
I'm so sorry your first birth was hell.  That sounds like pure hell!  The thing I'm scared about is, I thought I was doing everything right.  I had a doula, I laboured at home as long as possible.  Got to the hospital and I was fully dilated only with a anterior lip left.  I puked while they were processing me in triage (transition symptom?).  They freaked and rushed me upstairs thinking the baby was going to come right away.  So they hooked me up to the fetal monitors and...
I'm overjoyed at being pregnant but so incredibly sad that I may end up with a horrible hospital birth again.  There is no midwifery care where I am.  I live 25 mins north of Winnipeg, Canada and because I don't live in the city I can't get a midwife or use the birth center.  So I'm stuck delivering at a hospital in the city.  I know you can end up with a wonderful hospital birth but my first was not.  :( And I'm not comfortable doing a unassisted birth at home.  Oh well I...
I turned 35 on the 17th.  This is my second pregnancy. I kept very active with my first, lots of walking, hiking and eating right but towards the end the weight packed on and my feet got swollen and my back ached and I just got complacent.  I hope that doesn't happen this time around.  Kinda nervous going through the heat wave of summer nine months pregnant!
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