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I switched to decaf coffee when we began TTC and it was an easy switch for me.  Just last week I felt nauseated when drinking it in the a.m. so I've switched to hot chocolate.  So far it's been yummy.  I hope I don't get sick of it or on it!  I need a warm drink in the a.m. as well. 
Wanderinblues, you are so right.  I wish it was as easy as picking and choosing Dr's!  I haven't had a family doctor in years, there wasn't any accepting new patients.  Finally one came available so I grabbed it and this is what I got.  So the option is waiting at a walk in clinic for 4+ hr to see a Dr that wants to rush you out the door even faster.  Not a great system, but what can ya do.  Hopefully the ob she refers me to is decent. fingers-crossed.  Or i'm screwed. ...
Thanks for the feedback ladies.  This doctor here is AWFUL!  But the only one I could get into.  Serious shortage of Dr's here.  There is no previous history with me as this is my first pregnancy!  She's just awful :(  The first thing she said to me when she walked in while I was waiting for her in the office was "can we make this quick, i have to do a cast" !!!!  She didn't even know why I was there!!   Well I better get in the mood and get on him ;)  Thanks!
Who's dtd?  Not us! :(  I feel so bad for DH.  We haven't dtd in almost five weeks.  No intimacy at all actually.    I didn't think I'd be worried but the doctor I saw for my blood test said to me, "no drinking, eat healthy and don't have sex".  I know she's a terrible doctor but since them I'm worried to dtd!  Not that I really have the urge right now anyways.  But I want to show my husband it's not all about me.  Ack!
I was very healthy and fit before my bfp but since I found out I've completely stopped!  :(  Because this is my first pregnancy and I'm just so worried that I will cause a miscarriage.  Which I know is silly and not entirely true.  I know it's smart to exercise (always) but just to be careful etc.  It still doesn't get me to the classes that I love. (group exercise)  I think once I have my first scan and into the 2nd trimester I will feel comfortable starting back...
I started taking a prenatal before we started TTC so I've been on prenatal's for months now.  I was taking a women's multi and a separate folic acid and when speaking to the pharmacist he said that taking a prenatal would be enough folic acid.  I hope he's right :S   I've been taking Centrum's Materna and a I also take a daily calcium and vit d supplement.    
*Name (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know you by):  Lite *EDD: June 12 *Age/ age when the baby will be born: 33/34 *Location: Canada *How long it took you to get your BFP: 3 cycles *What number child is this for you: 1st!!!!! *Family (partner, other children, pets): DH and a spoiled 7yr old lab *Birth plans/preferences: Hospital birth with Doula *Thoughts / anything else you you would like to share:  Still can't believe it's real!  So...
Why would i start a thread when there is one exactly about the topic i want to chime in on?  I'm on the other side, why create a bunch of new topics when there is an "old" one that has the info i want to read.  I search the topic, and if there is a thread with valuable info that i want to reply to, i do.     
Interesting.... im going to give this a try.  My face is so oily by 4pm you can see the gleem from miles away...ugh.  And i get huge boils/zits on my shoulders.  They are SO painful.  I really hope this helps!
hahaha this is a funny one!!  sorry about the accident of course!  love asparagus but hate what it does to our pee!
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