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All the best!!!  I hope you have a speedy recovery!  Can't wait to see pics of your new baby girl!
You have such a beautiful family !!!  Congrats again!
Wow that is a long labour!!!  I'm glad everything worked well for you and you are happy with the experience.  Hope August gets to go home soon!
Wow what a gorgeous baby!!!  Congrats mama!!!  Hope you have a speedy recovery :)
Great birth story!!!  You are very strong!!!  Be proud of that :)  He is GORGEOUS!!!  I love his hair :)
LOL no kidding.  I can't imagine being this pg durning the winter and always having to wear socks and runners.  It's so hard!      DITTO.  I can't wait to wear jeans and feel comfortable.  Everything I wear right now is so uncomfty.  I long for a nice fitted pair of jeans!!!!!!!
WOW that is a great birth story!!!  Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS!!!
CONGRATS!!!!  He is gorgeous.  Love his name.  Just a perfect little baby :)
Congrats!!!  Care to share his name? :)
Lovely photos ladies!!!  Kjourdan you belly is SO Cute!!!!
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