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Mama and SarahDC your nursery's are totally cute!!!  PERFECT!  I can't wait to get mine done.  We've only painted and being on team green I can't really finish it off.  So it's pretty boring right now....
Got mine today!!!  I was so impatient but it was worth the wait!!  The necklace is lovely and the affirmations and personal note from Mamainthedessert ROCKS!!!  I just can't believe it took 15 days by post to get a letter!!!
Has any Canadian mom's received beads?  I have not  :(
Awww that is so lovely!!!  Lucky you to have such amazing g/f's :)
Babies are coming fast now!!!!  Happy birthing today!!!
prairie girl, thanks for the tip about Auction wars.  There are some really great deals to be had but you need to be by your computer to win!  I bid on some jeans this morning, they would be great for postpardum since there is no way in hell i'm getting back into my pre jeans soon, and I lost out for a measly $0.50 because I don't have a smart phone and had to leave for work.  BOO!!!  But I can see it getting dangerously additictive, like kijjii...hehe  Speaking of...
almost 37 weeks, daily I take: Prenatal Calcium + Vit D Vit D Salmon Oil Tablespoon of Hemp seeds in my yogurt   I bought some RRL tea but just can't do it.  I should look into finding the tablets..
alicewyf, can you pm me?  I need to get packing soon. I'm going to bring some music and oils/massage lotion.  We have our hospital tour Wednesday so we'll see if we need anything more. 
I'm 33 lbs at 35weeks!  I was hoping to keep my weight at 30lbs, let's just hope I don't go over 40lbs. I was thinking today on my long waddle, I can't wait to get my body back in shape.  I'm so in for extra motivation. 
First time mom here and baby has dropped at exactly 35 weeks!!  It's KILLING me to sleep right now.  My hips ache like crazy.  I've been sleeping on my left side with pillow between my legs from the beginning and this hasn't given me any relief lately.  And it's just so much more noticeable that belly is lower. 
New Posts  All Forums: