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Ohhhh I can't wait to get mine!!!
Congratulations on your babies!!!  So nice to hear you had a great experience with your hospital!
    Yep my first pregnancy and I didn't feel anything till week 18.  After that it was non stop!
Yep HSC with my doula.  My doula started out at Birthroots but now works independently.  She only likes to do maybe 12 births a year.  She has 4 kids and works p/t as a physiotherapist.  Enjoy your classes!  We took the free ones offered by public health and DH had to miss the first one.  I thought they were really great for him.  Got him more involved instead of me just telling him everything I'm reading! 
Hi Maman!!  OMG 29 mins!!!  That is crazy!  I'm hoping mine is quick, but that's a bit too quick eh...lol That's awesome you got a midwife and you will be having your home waterbirth!  GL!   NewMomJoy, I'd like to take a few of their classes but my pregnancy budget has gone all to my doula.  What classes are you thinking of?  I just got an email from Nest family center.  New place that has opened up.  I'd like to take some of their newborn/mommy classes.   7...
LMAO, that does look like a boob!!!    Katie, beautiful pics! :)
Congrats on your baby girl!!  How sweet you get to have a girl :)
Congratulations on the new job!!  You must be amazing at what you do to get such an awesome opportunity.  You hear of employers discriminating against pregnant women for new positions because it will delay them working out on their schedule.  Be very proud of your self for getting this great job :) I hope everything works out for your birth, finding a midwife etc.!
Will be using condoms.  We've used them for 3yrs without any breaks/scares.  They work well for us. 
I had a Dr's appt today, i'm 30w2d and i've gained a total weight of 25lbs.  Dr was happy with that so i'm happy with that.  I was aiming for a total gain of 30lb, but i'll be ok with 40.  As long as me and the baby are healthy right.  Just need to limit the chocolate intake....
New Posts  All Forums: