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I hate cooking, and preparing for that matter.  I eat healthy but it's not with gourmet ingredients. Here's what I ate today 1 bowl of harvest crunch cereal 1 blueberry bran muffin Out to lunch today had a veggie burger with side salad Aero bar for a snack, I couldn't say no to the chocolate bars at the register!! weak i know :( Tonight we are having salmon, wild rice and peas with bread. Normally i'll have a yogurt and apple sauce around 930am for coffee...
Ain't that the truth!!! hehehe! Sounds like a perfect idea to me!  
Sorry to hear that bug has really kicked your butt!!  That's no fun. :( I was wondering were you had been :) Those are GREAT deals you have found!  Lucky you!!  You will be so set for babes. So the baby can already be head down eh?  I'm guessing thats what my baby has done.  I have to pee every hour and after I pee I already feel the urge to pee.  This is very frustrating and I don't know how i'm going to make it a couple more months. :(  I've had a wonderful...
I have a niece named Olivia.  Love the name of course :)  And I like Sebastian. 
Interesting, I'll have to read more about that. 
"You can always look into EC too....less waste ends up in a diaper to begin with."   What is EC?
PrairieGirl, Nice article!  If I was closer to that area I would love a class like that.    NewMumJoy,  I have not been able to find a online community that has Winnipegers/Canadians that's been active.  Curious why are you switching to St.B over HSC? Is it  because of the lack of Dr's or the hospital itself?  We are seeing Dr. Logan out of HSC.  My care hasn't felt like care.  Which is why i'm having a doula.  My dr has spent 5 mins with me at my two appt's so far. ...
Awesome for you guys!!!!  Last year was hell for us too, hopefully we can have a miracle happen too...althou my DH isn't handy, damnit!!! LOL
I just bought the 3 pack of bikini's from Motherhood in a small.  It was buy one pack get the 2nd half off.  The medium looked so big.  Well I guess I needed the medium :(  I didn't think my ass was that big.... crap. 
I'm loving maternity clothes!!  Clothes that fit right feel so good.  I couldn't imagine trying to fit into regular clothing.  A few of my pj tops are starting to creep up when I sleep and it's so annoying.  I just got back from a huge shopping trip so I should be set until the baby arrives.  I'm not worried about buying too much maternity as I'll use it again for baby #2 and i'll also lend it my BFF when she is ready.  Thankfully we are the same size.  I need to dress...
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