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Congrats! He is so smooshy! Love it and I love his name!
Congrats! Hope you all are doing well!
Congratulations! Hope you're feeling better!
Congrats! He is adorable!
So sweet! Congrats!
Congratulations!!! 11 lbs - what a chunker! You are amazing.
Hi all! That's right, I am happy to announce the addition of two more girls to our family, a total shocker as we were all expecting at least one boy! My DS and DH are really outnumbered now! I had contractions on and off throughout Labour Day at 38w2d and spent a few hours relaxing in the bath. DH came in around 8:30 and timed a few contractions to be about 2-3 minutes apart so he called the midwife and we decided to start getting ready to go to the hospital. We arrived...
Hi all!  I keep checking in for baby news too.   I'm 38+2 today, and oddly enough, my other 3 kids all arrived at 38+2 so we've been joking about how weird it would be if these babies make their appearance today!  I've been having a lot of crampy feelings this morning and some contractions but still nothing regular so who knows?  DH is gone off to nap (just in case) lol  Not sure if I should start walking and doing things to try and get things moving or just rest...
Congrats Carson!!  Glad your experience was positive for you both!
Congratulations!  She is beautiful :)
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