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Ah, yes, I remember the pushing against the couch and propelling forward stage!!  Not fun :(  I did go through several phases where it really just was easier to do one at a time, unless they were sleepy like the before nap or before bed nursing.  As they got older I also did more with one in a cradle and the other football, especially if I started the session with one baby and then needed to add a second before the first was finished.
I hope it happens soon for you!  Maybe he's having a little farewell womb party in there now?  Back pain can be an early labour sign.
Wow, busy thread this week!    sex - Nothing happening here - I've been wary of preterm labour so it's been a long while for us, and then DH went this morning for his vasectomy (he got a last minute cancellation) so now he's out of commission for at least a week!  If I'm still pregnant by then, I think we'll have a go at it! lol   progress - I've declined any checks this time around, so I don't know what's happening in there, but have been having a lot of...
*hugs* So sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time!  You are definitely in my thoughts, and I agree with the others, take it one day or one hour at a time and just have faith that things will get easier. 
Even as mine outgrew the nursing pillow in length, I found they just adjusted to it either by kind of folding their legs straight up against the back of the couch, or behind me if they were lying more on their sides.  I did find that at various stages sometimes it was easier to nurse them together and sometimes it was easier to nurse them separately.  Sorry, not much help I guess!
They are beyond adorable!  I hope you are getting some rest and everything is going well!
Sounds so stressful for you WCM!  I hope baby turns for you!
Looking good mamas!  We are getting so close :)  Everytime I take a picture I always think it could be the last one...
Congrats!  Enjoy your babymoon!!
The fb group is called Naturally Parenting Twins.  Full of lots of really supportive and awesome mamas, you should definitely check it out :)
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