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Congratulations on your babies Gindugirl!  And way to go on your natural birth!!  That is awesome :)  I hate the fact that twin mamas have to fight so hard but it really is worth it and I'm glad to hear you held onto what was best for you and your babies :)  Also glad to hear nursing is going well, we loved our pillow too...what a lifesaver!  Congrats again!
37 weeks!!     
Happy birthday to your DH, Evi!  Hope you spent a nice day together :)   MonkeyKeeper - Serioulsy lol at hiccups in your butt!!   WCM - Glad to hear your babe is cooperating but wow - what a workload!  I don't know how you do it.    Maman  - you are so close!  You must be so anxious to meet your LO!   Names - after MUCH discussion, we finally found 2 girl names and 2 boy names we both like, but only 1 middle name so far.  My DH insists that they don't...
Glad to hear that you and the babies are still doing well.  Like the other mamas said, I think it really varies from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy.  With my first, I lost it slowly over about a week before he was born and with the twins it came out over two days after a stretch and sweep, then they were born the next day. 
Same here Judy!!  If one more person asks me if I'm still pregnant...."Why yes, that appears to be the case, as evidenced by the very large belly I'm trucking around."    I'm 37 weeks today!!  So happy to have hit the full term mark :)   
QM - Very exciting!  I've found out the sex for all my other pregnancies and really wanted a surprise this time and I am so excited to meet these babies and find out who they are!  I think it's definitely worth shopping around for an OB and a practice that you like, although, like you, I find it incredibly frustrating that even when you find one you click with, there is no guarantee that they'll be there for the birth :(
She is beautiful!  Hope you are both doing well :)
Congratulations 13pumpkins!  That is wonderful news!  I hope everyone is doing well and you are seriously a rockstar for carrying them so long!  Can't wait to hear more about them and their arrival :)
  I went to 38w2d with the girls.  Coincidentally I also went to 38w2d with my DS as well!  If I repeat that pattern, these babies will be Labour Day babies lol   QM - do you know the sex of your twins?  I can't remember.  As for place of birth, are you deciding between home and hospital or between different hospitals?  I finally went to check out the hospital I will be at this time and it seems a million times more natural birth friendly than the hospital I had the girls...
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