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 Adaline'sMama - congrats on your baby girls!  So exciting :)    gozal - My midwife is obviously fine with intermittent monitoring but the hospital policy is that once I'm in *active* labour, there is a transfer of care and the OB is in charge.  Sometimes a portable EFM is available and that way you can at least be up and about.  I know up until the delivery of Baby A, he is pretty cool about me doing whatever, but then they want to monitor Baby B closely so will...
I've never heard of doing the GD test so early....I thought it was always around 26-28 weeks.  Good nutrition is definitely super important, and even more so in a twin pregnancy so the nutritionist is probably not a bad idea.
WCM - Sorry to hear things are rough right now.  Hopefully you are about to rest and relax some at home and things will pick up again when you are feeling better.   MonkeyKeeper - sounds like you have been hard at work getting everything ready - doesn't it feel good to cross so many things off the to-do list??  I totally agree about the unreliability of u/s this late in the game.  I have to go for growth every 2 weeks and they have so much trouble getting...
Congratulations wendipauline!  I hope that you are able to rest and recover, and get as much sleep as you can!  It's wonderful to hear that your SO has come around at such an important time for you all.  Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girls!
I never got a recliner but I did often nap with them on the EZ2Nurse pillow while sitting leaning back on the sofa.  I never felt unsafe, in fact, having them so close I think made me super attuned to them and I would wake as soon as they made the slightest movement or the tiniest noise. 
Welcome sekenamoon!  Congrats on your babies :)   I met my new OB today at the other hospital as I finally got to say goodbye to my high risk team.  He is awesome!  He is, of course, one of 10 OB's on call so there's no guarantee that he will be the one there when I deliver BUT he says he is fine with me having both babies in an L&D room instead of the OR, no IV (just a hep lock, in case), no epidural, can birth standing up, squatting, or on my side...and he is fine...
I guess sleeping together in a crib would still be too crowded?  What about sharing a mattress on the floor?  
With my twins, we didn't use them, although we had bought them and thought we would.  We worked so hard to establish a good breastfeeding relationship that I didn't want to undo  any of my hard work with a pacifier, and then by the time we did try one here and there, no one was interested.  In my experience with talking with other natural-minded twin mamas, most will say that with twins, they are a necessity.  There were definitely times when I could one baby was crying,...
Congrats Madi!  He is so sweet!! :)
amysue - So happy to hear that Kathryn is at home with her family :)  I can't imagine what it would be like to have to be apart from your baby, it must feel wonderful to be together and at home now.   Madi - Beautiful birth story!  I hope you and baby Jude are doing well!
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