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I haven't had much luck with any of this, but even so, my guess is that it could work and if you are having trouble with a bottle, it's worth trying. I'm not sure about brands, but I would look for one that has a supple rubber-type sippy spout rather than hard plastic. I think Avent makes one with their bottle stuff, but maybe others make them too (and others might be cheaper). The other advantage of the sippy cup, if you try one that does NOT have a spill proof mechanism,...
Thanks for the suggestions. We are trying the sippy cup today. We have tried me going out for several hours--in fact, that's what we do all the time, but even with me out of the house, he is very, very definite about not taking the bottle. So, we'll hope for better with the cup.
I am looking for some advice on how to encourage my 8-month-old to take bottles of breastmilk. My husband is home for a three-month parental leave, and I am supposed to be writing my thesis, but unfortuantley, we were lazy and did not introduce the baby to the bottle early...we did it a couple of times when he was very young and it was OK, but now he really refuses...He also refuses to take any solids, so I am truly his only source of food. My 4 year old was the same--he...
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