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Here's the link (and a preemptive : in case I am being naughty ): http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cloth_diaper_supplies/
I hope it's ok to post this here. I'm participating in one off-site and we desperately need help with fills. It closes next week. PM me if you'd like the info or I will post the link here if someone tells me that's ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by Astromom So one of our friends has a DD same age as my DD (5) who just came down with chicken pox. I always thought I'd try to let my DD catch wild CP. So I am thinking about letting the girls play together... but now I have this little baby to worry about... DH is pretty much against it because he's worried about the baby and frankly I am not thrilled about it either... but it seems pretty rare to run across CP so I feel...
How about... www.rosiehippo.com www.threesisterstoys.com (run by an MDC mom) www.oopma.com There's also www.magiccabin.com and www.hearthsong.com but I bet there would still be stuff from China there. Maybe do a Google search by brand. Lots of stores carry Haba toys. HTH!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewMama2007 DD is 15.5 and is within 1/2 lb of doubling her birth weight, anyone else this close too? She's definitely well-fed! Quote: Originally Posted by Arwyn My guy's got a ways to go to double (that'd be, what, 20lbs 12oz?). Although not as much as paisley's! I bet he's real close to doubling now. At his four month check-up a few weeks ago he was 23lbs 4 oz. Double his birth...
Sandy!! How the heck are ya? Thanks Jenny! I hope it goes well too. I am NOT looking forward to the 2 day drive with both boys in the back of the car...
Ouch, Debi! Thanks for the new thread. It feels good to be caught up for once! Things are good over here. We are getting ready to move to OR at the end of the month so I shouldn't be posting much but I will read whenever I have the chance.
Aw, crud. I just looked at the new Beco fabrics... Should not have done that!
MamaNikh - Just adding my name to to the list of the dairy-free Mamas. Our pediatrician told me not to torture myself, but I did a strict dairy-free diet for 3 weeks and at the end of those three weeks, the 3-4am gas and crying episodes were over. Since then a little dairy has sneaked in and there's always been a reaction. I tried to reintroduce bread with whey as the last ingredient Sunday morning and yesterday he vomited everywhere complete with green bile. I am...
I am in the market for a swift and am trying to decide which type I want. I've heard that the metal/plastic versions are lighter (so they wouldn't stretch the yarn as much) and of course they are cheaper. But I find the look of a wooden swift more appealing to me. What can you tell me about the two different kinds? What are your preferences? I'd be using it for dyeing re-skeining cones of yarn, and making balls to knit from. :
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