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Jenny - No advice but I hope things are going better. Welcome, MamaNikh! Hi Carolynn! I'm glad you found us too! I finally have a pic to share! Woohoo! We go to the ped on Wednesday and then we'll get the official word on how much he weighs. I am guessing 23ish. 'Night all!
I found a source that will give us a deal on undyed Henry's Attic yarns. I posted a thread to gauge interest on the co-ops board but thought I would mention it over here too in case anyone missed it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yo Becca Paisley - you must post pix of this 18 pounder! I bet he's all roly and cute... Co-ops - so I've missed a few really awesome co-ops and then I see that some of you other ladies are totally in on them. How about a head's up? I'm so bummed I missed the fanny's co-op! I guess I have to check that board more regularly! Nak - Still need to get a cute current pic but here's a co-op heads up: American Apparel...
Mostly just subbing - thanks for the new thread, Becca! I'm so bummed that I let my paid subscription lapse. Now I am blue again and if I go to get re-pinked I will probably lose my DDDDCs. Not that I haven't had them for long enough (especially considering that there's a March 08 DDC now ). Hmm, pink or pres, pink or pres... A is great - laughing, grabbing everything he can and maybe even teething. He nursed through most of last night's fireworks show but did...
What about using chalkboard paint (on the walls or on pieces of board) to make construction signs around the room that he could fill in with chalk? You could make arrows, diamonds, triangles... How about big bolster pillows covered in black and orange or yellow striped fabric? They could be his barricades so he doesn't roll out of bed - if he ever sleeps in there. And a peg rack for his hardhats and vests. Can you tell that we do the construction thing over here too?
No idea but I got mine back 3 weeks ago. : Hormone (im)balances maybe? Mostly just stopping in to say hi to you!
Quote: Originally Posted by lunadoula I need to read this thread and write more later, but I wanted to check with you mamas about something - I am 10 weeks postpartum and still having a little bleeding - mostly just some dark brown discharge each day (just a little, like a teaspoon) but every few days just a bit of bright red too. Should I be concerned do you think? How long until it's "clear" again? This is driving me nuts!! Real quick here,...
Beautiful pictures! Did you have a pro do them? We're mostly over in LWAB now. Our thread gets buried pretty quickly, but we're there. Come on over next time you can get online.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrissy paisley, i need your address mama! i have something for that big boy of yours! I will PM it to you, but only if you promise not to send me anything until you have had a least a few weeks to soak up that newborn goodness!
Hey! What are we doing on page 6? Where is everyone? Oh right, probably busy with their 2 month olds. Quote: Originally Posted by didkisa Love seeing pics of everyone's babies! Paisley, are you going to post one for us to see? Or did I miss it? I think I posted a brand new pic of him but here's a more current one: Nevermind, Shutterfly is down. I'll try again later.
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