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Quote: Originally Posted by jkg He is precious! And so is that outfit!! Thank you! There have been several days so far where he has been diapered and dressed head-to-toe in purchases from the TP and Co-op boards. You know you're an MDC addict when... :
More positive thoughts headed your way. I'm sorry that you are going through this right now.
Congratulations! I shipped out that wool cover to you from CA yesterday so hopefully it will be there soon!
Congratulations and welcome little Macy! Enjoy your babymoon!
Congratulations! You guys make cute kids!
More congratulations for you!
Congratulations on your VBAC and welcome to baby Liam! :
Quote: Originally Posted by Nani Can you tell me how many alfalfa tablets you had per day and how long before the birth you started? Good question. Let's see, I started with 2 550mg tabs 3x/day at 36wks, then upped to 3 tabs 3x/day at 37wks, 4 tabs 3x/day at 38 weeks, and then 4 tablets 4x/day from 39 weeks on. At the end I sometimes forgot that 4th dose but everything seems to have turned out well all the same. I'll continue taking them...
Hi Darcy! Jill was the primary and Mary Littlefield (Shaw) was the backup - great team. Nursing is going pretty well, still working on it. Glad I could lure you over here!
Baby is waking up but I finally got my birth story written out (believe it or not, it's the short version!): http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?p=7638245
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