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Congratulations!! : No idea on the hair - maybe he's just a fashion trend setter!
Welcome Hazel and congratulations to your family! I'll keep my eyes open for your birth story!
Aww, welcome Fiona! That was our favorite girl name. Congratulations Mama! You look great!
Congratulations and welcome to Holly Kay! What a beautiful family you have!
I was going to post yesterday morning but the MW came for a PP check-up, saw me with the laptop and cabbage leaves in my bra and declared that "we do not play on the computer on cabbage leaf day!" So here I am for a moment. Thanks everyone for all the congrats! Still working on getting the birth story typed up and pics (and the name too ). Nursing is going. Not as bad as before but not totally perfect yet - we're getting there. He is about to wake up so here we...
I'm so thrilled for you and your family! Congratulations!
Thanks again for doing this, Be! Username: paisley Baby's Name: (we're still working on it ) DOB: 3/11/07 EDD: 3/9/07 Height: 23 1/2" Weight: 12lbs. 4oz. arrival/Comments: Home waterbirth!
Jenny, I'm so sorry! How scary. I remember a member here named lexbeach who posted that she went through something similar with her newbie. Maybe try PMing her. IIRC, it turned out just to be some random thing and her dc was fine.
Our baby boy was born last night in a wonderful, if not intense, home waterbirth! : No name yet (still!) March 11, 2007 7:43pm - Ds1 was born at 7:41am, if this guy's shoulders hadn't have gotten stuck they probably would have had the same birth time! Ok and now for the big part, lol: TWELVE pounds, four ounces! Or at least that's what we think - he could have more like 12lbs 6oz but he maxed out the MW's scale. His head was 15 1/4", chest 17" and...
From your explanation and my experiences of early m/c's, I would guess that the most of it is over. I agree with pp about a d&c being necessary only if something was missed and I think that your body would give you signs that something was wrong - namely fever, crampiness and maybe a general un-well feeling. Trust your instincts and keep in touch with your midwife if anything changes. I'm sorry for your loss.
New Posts  All Forums: