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It's about probabilities and correlations, not inevitabilities and attention-diversion.  They are showing that probabilities of these outcomes is higher.  
A further thought:  autism rates are increasing.  Induction rates are increasing.  Consumption of organic food is increasing.  When something is common, there will inevitably be a lot of things that could correlate with it.  It does not imply causation.  Further studies needed.
Absolutely bang on with the issue of "causation versus correlation".  Although I am basing this only on the media article above (not the actual article, and therefore what I'm reading could be riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies), this smells of 'run with the autism scare' kind of news tactic.  I am all for a natural birth.  But I am also for clear, truth-seeking through science and through media.  I'm not feeling it here.
It's a cool idea, but I'll be frank that I wonder why more people don't just make the solution and then use washable cloths instead of paper towels.   As for the essential oil, I hadn't realized that about lavender or tea tree oil.  I'll need to keep up with this thread to see what other suggestions there are.
My experience is that it is best to go shopping for soft carriers after the baby is born (wraps and slings on the other hand are pretty generic in their fit).  We expected to love the ergo but it just wasn't comfortable for me.  We chose a Piccalo that fits both of us (me 5'4", partner 6'2").  I now also have a wring sling and a wrap.  IMO there's little sense in getting more than one of a certain style of carrier unless you and your husband can't comfortably wear the...
Oh am I ever excited to help with a book list.   These are the books that led to me choosing and being confident in a home birth with my first, and I have re-read them for my impending (any day now) second planned home birth:   Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Natural Childbirth" --convinced me that I could do this.  Full of wonderful stories of homebirths, and info on labour and medical issues. Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way --I read and reread this because...
I got the Dr. Gordon book on which the internet article is based....He strongly suggests that one wait until 12 months of age or older (the older the better, basically, while balancing the needs of tired parents).  I like the first poster's suggestion that it will work well when everyone is ready.  I have had to turn that into a mantra in our house.  Our son doesn't seem ready yet at 16 months, but I am!!  :)     Our approach seems to work best when husband and son...
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