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New to the Diva Cup and I can't get it to not leak. It's not full but I'm leaking in less than 2 hours. I insert it horizontally, do a full rotation, make sure it's not too high, all like the instructions say to do. I'm wearing the size 2, since I'm over 30 and have had 2 c-sections. What am I doing wrong? I want to love it but it's just not working right now. Also, removing and reinserting every two hours is making me sore.
Thanks Rachel!   I did see the BCP mentioned on here the other day and I've been reading over it and pulling some notes from it!  
thanks for the ideas, ladies!!  :)     So do most of you not follow any sort of structured program?  Are you all or mostly child-led learning?
Miranda - Thank you so much for your reply. I absolutely agree with you. When we lived in NJ and the law didn't even require a letter of intent, that was my plan. The idea of a portfolio reviewer checking up on us really has me thrown for a loop.   We do things like you mentioned for the health topics but I feel like I need a way to make that tangible for a third party who isn't living our day-to-day with us. Even if it's a cute little craft activity about teeth...
thank you, pek64.   We are new to the area, and the state, so I don't know many people yet. I did meet another HSing mom at the library the other night though. She gave me her email addy so I guess I'll try there first.   It was funny - the kids and I went to the library for the first time and got our library cards. I took one look at this mom and her HUGE stack of books and just knew.  LOL We ended up at the card catalog next to each other and I said, "You...
    Maryland has a mandatory kindergarten law.   http://www.marylandpublicschools.org/MSDE/nonpublicschools/npdocs/fact_sheets/np_fact_kindergarten_attendance.htm   My DD will be 6 in November and is absolutely ready for kindergarten.  Our homeschool laws require a Notice of Consent to your county and no more than 3 portfolio reviews per year. My county does one in the fall and one in the spring (year-end.)   And yup, those subjects are listed in our homeschooling laws.
We are beginning K (and preK too, unofficially) this year and I am a rookie homeschooler. We are in Maryland and have required subjects to teach (and show in our portfolio reviews.) I purchased materials for English (reading & language arts) and math. But I did not purchase anything for science, social studies, music, art, or health. I know my kids learn things day-to-day just living and being curious kids but I need to prove "regular and thorough instruction" according...
We will be homeschooling for the first time for Kindy '12-'13!  My DD will be 6 in November and is so excited to begin. DS is 4.5 and will be unofficially doing pre-K.   DH is being cheap about buying a whole curriculum so I'm piecing something together. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't overwhelmed!!  I love the idea of being relaxed but my state (Maryland) does have portfolio reviews so I need to have things to show.   English/Reading: I've purchased the...
We just moved to MD also and my oldest will be starting K in the fall.  We are in Charles County.  :)
In the bathroom(s) and next to the kitchen sink?   I avoid products with parabens, triclosan, phtalates, SLS, etc.  I was using Method for a while but then realized it has SLS.   I'm looking for something new. I bought Seventh Generation's soap but DH didn't like the smell of either of them. (One was lavender, the other citrus.)   Help!  I'd like to buy soap in a pump or buy pumps and fill them myself.   Thanks. :)    
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