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Crunchy- cooperatives has a coop for Life Factory Glass baby and water bottles at the moment... 25% off retail http://www.crunchy-cooperative.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=12236
Hi Jamie, I am back. I Wanted to say how amazing you are and I am very thankful for your sharing When do you see my Husband get his first commission check from his new venture? Thank you. Have a blessed day Nancy
Thank you for your answer about more children. You saw three...We already have 4 amazing kiddos so I guess that means 3 more!!! My next question..I feel like my Hubby's new career direction is so right on for him. I feel the amazing positive energy it is bringing. I am wondering if our current internet venture should just be put on hold while hubby concentrates on his new venture? And is it the right time for me to get back to my passion - Chiropractic? Thanks! ...
Are we going to have more children?
I agree, Radio was a joke as well as postcards to target audience, and newspaper inserts. If you are an online business, I would stick with online advertising... adwords, SEO, article marketing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla When one of them is uncomfortable bathing with the other sibling, or when they're too big to fit comfortably in the tub simultanously. Our 8 yr old ds will still occasionally bathe with his 2 yr old sister. Our 6 yr old won't dream of it! "Take her away!!" He would say. It depends on the kid and I agree, when they start getting uncomfortable.
We got this one last summer: http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/nav...=5&item=358863 The older boys - 8 and 6 love to be in their "club House" they will play out there for hours. OUr 2 yr old loves the slide and the swings and usually hangs out in the "club house" with the boys. Our 9 month old loves his baby swings and hangs out and watches the activity around him! It took hubby about a week / part time / and alone to set it up. It comes with very clear...
Our DD loves coffee here as well. We switched to decaf. If you do not notice any reactions to the caffeine I am sure a sip here and there (or half a cup won't hurt her.
Quote: Originally Posted by zoie2013 I don't think you "need" one. Ds is obsessed with trains and plays at his for hours. But, we also build tracks on the floor. We use the table for all sorts of creative play, not just for trains. It makes a nice coloring place. I don't care if crayon gets all over it and the edges keep the crayons from rolling off onto the floor and getting stepped on. We play games and build with blocks on it. Ds stand at it or sits on...
At around 19 months.
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