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My 7 month old daughter was sitting next to me while I was gardening. She was "helping" by holding my packet of  Royalty Purple Pod Bean seeds. She was sucking on the packet, as she loves to do with paper, and suddenly coughed and swallowed. I fetched some paper from her mouth but am convinced she swallowed a seed. She did not choke and doesn't seem to be reacting in any way. This happened 4 hours ago. Any suggestions?
  My daughter Adelaide Freelove waiting to take a bath with her Mama :)
Family Practice has offices in Portland, East Hampton and Middletown. We go to Dr. Kenta Bibi at Portland Family Practice and he and the entire staff that weve met are accepting of alternative approaches to all types of parenting. My daughter is 5 weeks old and we have been going to him since she was born. Besides giving us some pamphlets on vaccinations and discussing Dr. Sears alternative vax schedule, he seems to be understanding of our decision not to vax at this...
Barefoot - I think I found someone in Hartford area if that helps:  http://placentabenefits.info/StacieMandeville.asp   Simplicity - Thanks for the recomendation! I'll check out her website  
When I was 11 years old I had a traumatic and realistic nightmare about an animal holocaust. I woke up the following morning and announced to my parents that I wouldn't be consuming animals anymore. Having never met a vegetarian or even knowing a term for what I was about to embark on, I began to ask what was in EVERY food item that was provided for me. My parents were concerned that their pubescent daughter wouldn't get all the nutrients she needed to grow normally,...
ME TOO!!! I am looking for the same service, but I am in the Middlesex area of CT.   I am RH- and LOVE the idea of not having to receive the Rogam shot after Baby is born. Instead, I hope to find a way to ingest my own magical medicine, after the first few hours of a lotus birth.   Any suggestions anyone?!
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