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Could it be overactive letdown?  You could pump off a tiny bit, just to get over the squirting in her mouth, and latch on again.  Both my sons would scream and gulp, but eventually, they grew out of it.
Yes!  I had fast labours and I clearly remember a strange metallic taste in my mouth.  I thought that I was prepared to have a natural birth, but holy cow, it came on so fast that I freaked out.  I mentioned the taste to my midwife the first time and she said that maybe it was the penicillin for GBS.  However, I was GBS negative for my second and didn't have antibiotics, but still had that weird taste.  It was another super fast labour, where I freaked out again, despite...
My first was 8lbs13oz, born vaginally with 2nd degree tears, my second was 10lbs14oz, born vaginally with no tears and a much quicker recovery.  The ultrasound predicted a 9lb second baby.  Wrong!  Get the right info and make a decision that feels right to you.
I think it's different for every woman and every baby.  With my first DS, things got better at around 8 weeks.  Now, with my second DS, things definitely improved by 6 weeks.  He still gets green poops every so often, but the fast let down and a lot of milk don't bother him nearly as much.  It will get better for you, take it one day at a time and try some of the suggestions.  Before you know it, you'll probably have a fantastic nursing relationship.
You can try pumping a little bit at the very beginning.  This will remove some of the foremilk and possibly avoid the squirting.  For my overactive letdown and oversupply, it worked.  I tried the baby sitting up position or on top, but my breasts are too big and it was uncomfortable.  After a few weeks, things improved with my milk stabilizing and baby getting accustomed to the extra milk.
I am a teacher in Ontario, and by law I must report possible or suspected abuse to CAS.  Your situation is one that I have to deal with more often than I like to admit.  You are doing a wonderful thing for these kids, but this is not a situation that should not be reported to CAS.  By law, you have to.  http://www.oacas.org/childwelfare/report.htm
It took a few weeks for our chickens to get used to our muscovies, but eventually the chickens accepted the idea.  They don't "hang out" with them, but everyone tolerates one another.  Just give it some time.
I think that raising meat chickens is a very easy way to try raising animals for meat, and if you really don't like it, then you're done in about 8 weeks.  We raise ours in a portable tractor coop, so a maximum of 20 fit in it at once, but they have access to the outside and fresh grass, this means raising them during the warm months.  My favourite way of raising meat chickens is if I have a broody hen and I sneak the day old chicks under her, but that doesn't happen...
We raise and butcher our own chickens and I have learned to very quickly break down the whole chicken into parts.  Most of our chickens are cut up into pieces, but about 1/4 are left whole for roasting.   With whole birds, I simply roast by sprinkling inside and out with salt pepper, stuff cavity with herbs, put in roasting pan (I don't cover or use water because I love crispy skin), and roast at 375F until done.  This takes about 1.5-2 hours, depending on size.  I...
After many years of having chickens, and losing a quite a few in the process, we've found that livestock guardian dogs (special breeds developed for animal protection) are the only thing that has worked.  Our two Maremmas, now allow us to leave our chickens free ranging and unlocked at night.  Just their presence on our property keeps predators to their own territory.  I love them!  There is a lot of info on the net about LGD's.  Good luck!
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