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I was cleaning out my garage today and found 8 unopened rolls of bags to use with the Lact-Aid supplementer, as well as two of the stands to hold the filled supplementer bags, and a lacey bag to use to wear them.  If you use this type of supplementer and would like these, I'd be happy to mail them to you!  PM me :)   Marcy
I like Postive Discipline A-Z by Jane Nelson for all kinds of conflict related stuff...  Also, I usually have a couple of homeschool idea books in the house (from the library or borrowed from friends) that I glance through at night for quick ideas of fun things to do in the house.    Good luck! Marcy
Thanks! I'll give it a shot!
I have ton of cucumbers right now and would like to make a big batch of tzatziki and freeze it to use at Father's Day. The ingredients are: yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, garlic, mint. Do you think this will freeze well? TIA!
I really like our ped-- Dr. Ken Saul in Thousand Oaks. He's totally fine with non vax and is pro bf.
Virginia Madsen and Antonio Sabato Jr. live on my mom's street, so I see them around. We're not on name basis or anything, but Antonio waves when I drive by! I saw David Arquette at a farmers market once, but didn't talk to him. Mariel Hemingway and Scott Hamilton shop at my Whole Foods.
Another Lact-aid fan here! I tried both and really like the LA. I have several and prepare them at night for the next day.
Sorry, no info for you, but I've used both, as well as the Parent's Choice Organic and they've all worked great for both kids!
I've been taking these two supplements religiously since dd was born 6 months ago. Does anyone know if you build up a tolerance to them? Do I need to up the amounts to continue to get more milk? TIA!
I so needed this thread today! This morning ds threw a massive tantrum because he couldn't decide between mac and cheese or chicken for lunch!
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