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Hi, there are such great ideas above. Here is what worked for us. Chewing gum during hair washing. Using a mat in the tub and a hand held sprayer. Having a regular hair washing schedule -- three days a week. Believe it or not, it is easier to wash hair more often than to wait two weeks and then wash it. It's easier to wash hair that is not totally filthy and tangled because it goes faster. Also, shorter hair is nice. Our daughter wants long hair, so we ask...
Well, you always find the most fascinating, oddest stuff on MDC. Our younger dd (6y.o.) has struggled with eczema and rough skin at least since she was a toddler, and she refuses to use Atopiclair, the only thing we found that works for her. She has a 147 WISC without doing the extended scale. (I do not know what category of gifted that is). She was 160 on the WJ-III fluid reasoning cognitive subtest. Somebody needs to find out about this, it makes no sense...
Thank you, spedteacher. I had not seen the all kinds of minds site.
Anybody? I guess I should not be surprised, because I can't find anything, either.
Our dd did well on concept formation and fluid reasoning on WJ-III, and on the Similarities subtest for WISC-IV. Can someone direct me to a website that talks more about those specfic subtests? I want to showcase those skills. I have found lots of vague issues, but I am trying to find a tangible way to show off her strength in this area for an application. Thank you for your help.
Based on my own experience with our daughter's kindergarten in public school, I do not think it is a good thing. In our daughter's situation, there were 23 kids in the class, which is one more than allowed by law in our area. The other children were learning how to read the word "red." Our daughter was reading Charlotte's Web at home. Her math skills were almost as advanced as her reading skills, and the other kids were learning to count to ten. Therefore, our...
How cool! Your son is adorable and brilliant.
Wow, this thread REALLY resonates for me!!!
Yes. Our kids were pretty old, I think 5 and 6 when they moved out. We have a large master bedroom. So we moved their entire beds into our bedroom. After a few months, we moved their beds back into their bedrooms. The girls have full sized beds so I cuddle up with them until they fall asleep, then I leave.
Deeply Rooted, your writing is wonderful. Your love for your little boy shines through every word.
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