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Loraxc, your daughter sounds so much like my daughter that I searched for more of your posts after reading your school thread. We recently had her evaluated by a neuropsychologist. We found her IQ was much higher than we had expected, and the neuropsychologist suggested we read the Love and Logic books and that was the end of it. But our daughter goes to OT three days a week for SPD. Her OT works with her regarding what to do with intense emotions. After reading...
There is no way that you should allow a criminal into your home. I don't care if he has nowhere to go -- that's his problem. Read some books by Samenow so that you fully understand just how dangerous criminals really are. Don't let anyone treat you like a doormat. You deserve better.
Junie B Jones will delight him. I love the series, and the books made our kids laugh out loud at the hilarity.
Our 8 year old is in a Booster. She's tall for her age.
Our older dd could read at third grade level with almost 100% accuracy when she entered K... they tested her but didn't go beyond third grade. But even though she did not like K, she was not bored because she could read. Most of the reading and writing was done in little groups at teeny tables (they were so cute) The other kids would come to her and ask her to help them spell words or read to them. She enjoyed helping the other kids spell words, and the other kids...
I would be way too busy to engage with anyone who makes remarks like that. Icky!
We homeschool, so I have some ideas. But I thought that Waldorf would not let kids be exposed to that sort of thing until they are seven years old. ?
Go check out the family bed forums here on MDC. There is no reason for using a crib when you can cuddle. I promise you it will be easier. You definitely came to the right place.
Good luck.
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