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I'm not a twin mom, but I read your problems with great interest because I was huge with huge babies. I would avoid those snarky people at all costs. I also had my babies late in life and was fortunate enough to conceive naturally. Still, people asked me whether I conceived naturally, and it was really none of their beeswax. I would just be "too busy" to be around anyone who is snarky. I actually feel a lot of compassion for people who are snarky. Their inner...
I would check into an undiagnosed ear infection, too. Our dd had one of those when she was about one year old -- and I almost went nuts trying to get her to sleep. The next morning, I realized she might be in pain and took her to the doctor, and sure enough, big ear infection.
Go for it. We used ours daily for five years, and then passed it on to another family.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna huh. I wonder if it's a regional thing. Nothing dark at all here. Lots of fun for kiddos and whimsy. -Angela Same here. I saw a few creepy costumes,though, now that you mention it. But most of it was really fun and happy. Lots of princesses, cute witches, big spiders on the porch sort of thing.
Before you go bankruptcy, check out the forums over at http://www.creditboards.com/mambo/ There is so much good information there. I stumbled across it when searching for information on mortgages.
A mom with profoundly gifted kids found us, not the other way around. She noticed our four year old was reading chapter books at a scout meeting. She invited us to join her homeschool coop. So I would suggest just getting out in a lot of different activities, not looking for bright kids, but if you happen to see one, then talk to the mom.
I just saw this request for an update, after rediscovering this thread on a certain twws board. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Everything is back to normal, thank goodness. Nothing exciting or interesting to report. I dread the next busy season, but I am reassuring myself that she will be seven and a half by then, and hopefully will not do stuff like that any more.
Man, this thread is making me dream of sending my kids to school. Except I have so many hobbies that I can't imagine having nothing to do. I could fill up weeks on end just with the stuff I do for fun... sigh.
Thank you so much for your insights!
I have to admit, yes, I would expect the teacher to be responsible, depending on the kids' ages.
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