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Thank you for all of your input and support.
I need some support, because I am annoyed at one of my dearest friends. I am shaken enough to worry about whether I am doing the right thing.
I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. It may be totally normal kid behavior, and only you know. I want to be super clear that by recommending this book, I am not in any way saying your kid has any of the charged labels described in the reviews for this book. The actual book itself is pretty complex. I am not in any way implying that your son is "anti-social" or anything of the sort. So please know I am suggesting this as an interesting read. I don't know you or...
I could have written this post, too! I'm subscribing for advice.
Oh my goodness, what an awful situation. I would take the high road, too. But the letter is great. I would be livid.
Forget the debt. I believe that once you get out of there, you are going to just blossom with joy. It may be hard at times, but you will be OK. Better than OK, you will be I know it sounds outrageous to say "forget the debt" -- but this is your life and your daughter's life you are talking about here. You can't get this time back. You can repair your credit later.
I would move your child back into your bedroom until he's old enough to be away from you. At that age, our kids slept in bed with us. Our six year old just moved into her own bed in our bedroom a few months ago.
This is not about me or my kids, but about one of my friends, ok, it was an ex-boyfriend. Anyway, he was not very good in school, and dropped out of college to go work for a start up company. But he was brilliant, absolutely, breathtakingly brilliant with anything mechanical or electronic. He showed me the real working computer that he put together as a child in the early 1970s by himself, using a cigar box as a case. When I was dating him, I was always complaining...
I'm not in your ddc, but this sounds really bad. Can you go stay with your own family ? (maybe not your sister). You deserve better, mama.
Yipes. I worked as a waitress for years, and then, suddenly, weirdly, I could not do it again. Oh the memories this thread is bringing back! I have found myself getting annoyed at staff at Babies R Us, like, really annoyed, and then remembered that they are just people working at a bad chain store, take a deep breath, it can't be fun for them either. I try to remember my days as a waitress, and my very brief stint working in a retail clothing store. How the management...
New Posts  All Forums: