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Thank you for sharing your story. How is everything going now?
OP, your thread is just what I needed to read right now. I am in awe of you.
Offer water before nursing, and set limits on twiddling. Keep sippy cups of ice water by the bed and offer it first. That often cuts down on the length of time. Always offer water first. Make sure she's not hungry. IMHO, one of the biggest causes of overnursing for our kids was garden variety boredom. One other thing - our younger dd had a skin rash. Once we finally found something that worked for her rash, her nursing frequency dropped from almost hourly to...
Thank you so much for your help and insight. I am so inexperienced with this sort of thing, aside from my own tortured childhood.
I'm not in your ddc, but I saw this on new posts. With both of my daughters, morning sickness hit with full force at 7 weeks. I then had hyperemesis for the remainder of their pregnancies up until the time they were born. I had nothing aside from an aversion to smell until 7 weeks.
I believe the tracker, at least the counting information. I assisted in our daughters kindergarten class a few times. We pulled her out after three months. But I had to work with a number of kids who were really struggling to count to numbers our daughter had mastered years before. In fact, I was so surprised that I whispered to the teacher whether they were really struggling with it, and she assured they really were struggling and that it was typical for kids entering...
I would go for it and get her what she wants, ie, baby dolls and things to use to care for babies. Our own daughters also loved princesses and My Little Pony at that age.
He is so lucky that you were right there to see the whole thing. It is outrageous. I know this will be worked out, but I agree with yiou that yoiu need a real IEP meeting, not an informal meeting.
Ay yi yi. I used to know a mom like that. I had to invite her son, who was adorable and energetic, due to social obligations, but I hired a separate babysitter just for him. That tacked another thirty bucks to the cost of each party, but I preferred to pay it than to talk with the mother about it. The mom just sat chatting, oblivious to the fact that he was doing things like trying to dump cups of lemonade on the birthday cake right before the birthday girl had the chance...
I would try to redshirt her for a year. There is no such thing as failing K in my humble opinion. Especially for a summer birthday. Also -- our dd went to public kindergarten in Texas for three months and she received grades.
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