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I just got a weekly house cleaner, and I am so very happy. I have some questions, and even if you do not have a house cleaner, can you please chime in with your opinions? You may think of something I have not considered. 1. I want my housecleaner to use my natural cleaners and tools -- is there some way to emphasize this without offending her? I keep a few extra toxic cleaners for times for special cleaning, but mostly go with Clean House, Clean Planet recipes. ...
Thanks for giving the hoarder's perspective. My dh definitely has a stronger case than you do -- he would never throw out things. I found that the easiest and most effective way to handle it is to simply go through his stuff and throw things out. I can't let my children live in a home where there are so many boxes of stuff that a room is not accessible or where there is a fire hazard. So even if it seems heartless, his stuff has gotta go.
Actually, cjanelle, do a search. People remove the tops off the swiffer wet jets all the time! At least, here on MDC we do!
Y'all are posting some great options! When the Swiffer wears out, I'll probably get the Mr. Mister or Method. They do look much better. But after all that work, I'll keep the Swiffer for now!
YUCK!!! Can you rent from someone else?
Just a followup: my husband easily pried the lid off in two seconds with a pair of pliers. I had struggled and struggled to remove it, so this may be a strength issue, I don't know. I peeled off the swiffer labels and poured the contents down the sink. Next, I wrote on the bottles with sharpie "Vinegar and Lemon EO" one one and "Vinegar and Orange EO" on the other. Now my crunchy friends won't think less of me when they come over. Thank you for encouraging...
Oh gosh, thank you for this thread. I'm going to try the apple cider thing. Does that work inside or outside? Right now we are so desperate that my husband went to tack shop where they sell stuff for horses. He bought a bunch of bags that hang outside, and he started spraying the interior of our garbage can with pesticides on a regular basis. Even with that, we are still getting flies in the house. They are so utterly disgusting. Why do the flies get the fancy organic...
I totally feel for you. It's getting so bad for me, I am seriously considering buying a Palm. I accidentally booked two parties today, and had to cancel one of them. What's your calendar system? Mine is to try to remember and then try to remember to write it down later.
Kodak Gallery has albums.
I had hyperemesis during my first pregnancy, and lost weight during the first and second trimesters (though I regained it later). My midwives were utterly incompetent about hyperemesis, and this was a red flag for the birth, but that's a whole other topic. Before I go into that, since my post is long: one big side effect that nobody told me about is that the backs of my top teeth have been eroded. The dentist could not figure it out at first, then asked: have you...
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