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Kitteh!! Congratulations! Amelia is a beautiful name. I'm so glad that your baby girl came before tomorrow! Hope you are recovering well! Sounds like the birth went great can't wait to read your birth story!
Well I had no idea how many types of wraps they're were! I honestly thought Moby was the only wrap there was! Didn't know the difference between stretchy and woven either! Well needless to say I went to buy a Moby and learned about all the different kinds of wraps! Well long story short, I ended up buying a Wrapsody Bali Breeze wrap! I ordered it online and can't wait to get it!! So if anyone has any videos or wrapping tutorials they'd like to pass on, that would be...
Wanted to update, my labour started with bloody show, early morning with my first at 38 weeks. Had no idea I was having contractions until I was hooked up to the NST machine. And 1 month ago today at 38w6d, I had my second. Started early morning again, no bloody show, just contractions started up and were way different than Braxton hicks. So started same time around the same gestation, but different early labor signs!
I've always kind of been nervous about buying a Moby wrap because it looks so hard to learn, but after watching that video, I actually think I could do it! I think I'll order one. I've been trying to use my baby bjorn carrier and My little one doesn't seem to like it. The wrap looks so much more cuddlier!
I've been watching this thread very closely, I'm so excited to see you Mamas getting signs here and there. Can't wait to see your babies being born! Super moon soon!
CBM-sorry you are dealing with reflux. How do you know they have it? My son didn't have it as far as I know, but Lily seems to be so fussy every once in a while and it's hard to tell what's the normal newborn fussiness and what's not.. She's 4 weeks old but I guess I'm still getting used to the baby stage again!! She doesn't seem to spit up or anything.. So I don't think she has it. But from what I hear, it's pretty common?? Everything else is going quite well. Lily is...
Great story mngreyday!! Congrats on your beautiful boy. He's adorable! Hope you continue to feel great!
Around 3 weeks babies tend to have a normal fussy time. This link really helped me. http://kellymom.com/parenting/parenting-faq/fussybaby/ Also if you go to YouTube and search "purple crying period" there's a video that will explain it a little more! It's called Dr. Ronald Barr explains the P.u.r.p.l.e crying period. I also have a 3 week old, and she has bumps on her face as well, I'm already dairy/gluten free. My son had the same thing when he was a baby and it went...
My little girl is fussy at about 5-6pm til about 8-9pm. Sometimes til 10pm. Then she has a longer sleep, like 4 hours long. What I read in that article is that there usual fussy time is right before their longest stretch of sleep. It seems to be right for us.
Dandilion-my little girl does the grunting and straining too! I remember my son doing it when he was a newborn. I think it continues for a little while. Like Berrymama said, it's because they're digestive systems are still learning how to work! Jldumm-wow, I have only one other child that needs/wants me and I'm finding it hard when I'm by myself. Hope it gets easier for you. I feel so bad because every night like clockwork, my little girl is fussy for a couple hours and...
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