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Haha! That's exciting Lisedea!! It's also exactly 6 months from my sons Bday. He will be 3.5 when this little one is born!
That's so exciting! My ultrasound is on the 11th. Can't wait to find out if its a girl or boy!!
My due date is officially May 29. Sorry that it changed again! This is the last time it will change. Thanks
Yes! I definitely have lots of people noticing now. Lots of hands that touch my belly too. Which I don't mind. Fortunately. I must give off a "touch my belly" vibe! Haha
Here's a pic of my Christmas Eve outfit! I finally felt kind of pretty so decided to take a picture of it. No make up yet though. Haha. Ill get to it. Loving all the pretty Mama pictures!
Here's my belly at 18 weeks! I think.. I'm either 18 or 17, gotta double check with my midwife which date I'm supposed to go by. They are very vague about it.. Lol. I like to know which day exactly and they are like.. Meh.. Haha.
Here's my belly at 18 weeks! (I think, I have to check with my midwife what date I should be going by.. I'm either 17 or 18 weeks) lol!
I was measuring too big at my second appt, so my midwife sent me for a dating ultrasound, and the ultrasound tech found it. (Along with a healthy baby!) I read that it takes a pretty skilled tech to find them, so I was just happy that she found it at that time and I could slow down so it would heal! I found out that it was 6cmx5cm so it had gotten pretty big. I was told to stop lifting, no tight clothes around my belly, no intercourse, the list goes on... My next...
Aww! My son is the same way ahikaru, I really miss picking him up! I was told to stop lifting heavy things.. he's only like 28 lbs and I just figured it was fine, but I was told that it was lifting him that probably made the SCH as big as it is. Boo.. I make up for it in the morning and at night when I cuddle him like crazy in our bed! Lol.
Thanks timesway! I've had a couple Braxton hicks but not too many yet. I've had a couple more twinges today, and it seems it happens when I'm putting pressure on my tummy somehow. Like leaning over or resting my hands or arms on my belly. Everything seems worrying, cuz I would hate to make the SCH worse. Glad you understand! I'm really hoping at my next ultrasound on Jan 11, they tell me that its healed! Fingers crossed!
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