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Well both times that it happened last night, I had my arms crossed and was kind of resting them on my belly. Oh but now that I think of it, I was coughing a little bit. That must have been what done it. I have had it happen when I move or twist too quickly too, it just hasn't been as severe and startling as last night. I figured it was mostly ligament pain. I've just been trying to really be conscious of what I'm doing and it hasn't happened again since. I will talk to my...
Ive been on a modified bed rest for the last couple weeks due to a sub chorionic hematoma And just lately I've been up doing a bit more, and Just tonight, I've gotten a really fast muscle spasm type twinge right above my belly button, the first one was on the left side, and the other one was on the right side. It's gone as fast as it comes, but its such a strong spasm that it stops me dead in my tracks. It's a little bit painful, but not too bad. I was thinking maybe its...
You are super cute Lisathena!! Very nice bump!!
Oh man!! 3 boys Lisedea!!! That's awesome! Congratulations! They will be the best of friends as they grow up. Always have each other.
Wow that's awesome!! its amazing how different pregnancies can be so different! You look great!
I'm with you FarmerMama.. I am in shock of this tragedy. I can't believe there is someone out there that would do a thing like this.. I'm so saddened by what those parents of the kids and families of the deceased will have to endure so close to the holiday season. I literally feel sick about this. I will hug my child extra close tonight!
My son had pee down but not pooping.. Kinda opposite but kinda the same. I basically just tried my best not to force him, I wanted him to think that it was mostly his idea. It seems to work with most other things. So I just tried to do things that were fun to make him wanna go. It sounds ridiculous, but he absolutely LOVED when I sang a song.. Pooping on the potty, now you get a smartie.... (He would get a smartie after pooping) Over and over.. I looked crazy. But it made...
I might have to invest in nice pajamas.. All I would wear we're tight tank tops or something for pjs but now they're getting too small. My last pregnancy was through the summer so I didn't wear anything but underwear to bed. But this is my first winter pregnancy and I need pjs.. Guess hubby's shirts will have to work until I get too big!
You look great SweetMama! It seems like the phone photos are just the easiest for me. Last pregnancy I got the camera out, then plugged it into the computer and uploaded, edited.. This time however. The phone is proving useful! Lol! My Due date changed to May 25th, but I'll stick it with you guys and the May DDC cuz there's always the chance of going over! Here's my pic for 16w5d
Cute PJ's Quinalla! Just found out yesterday my EDD came forward by about a week, so here's my belly pic for 16w5d.
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