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I think it's a very good idea to conceal carry. I haven't heard of anyone doing it in Alberta where I live.. But I'm sure there are lots of people who do. My DH has a lot of guns at home (locked up of course) for hunting. I even have a gun of my own. I am not above getting a shotgun if someone ever broke into my house. Even if its just to scare the person away! We live in a day and age where anything can happen anywhere.
My Due date has changed to May 25th. Not to big of a difference, but thought I'd let y'all know!!
My due date has changed to May 25th. thanks!!
I just found out that my placenta is posterior! I was wondering why I could feel so much this time around. I'm loving it. I'm so glad that I will feel much more this time around. I had an anterior placenta with my first and didn't feel movement for a long time!
Lol! I did the same thing last night, put LO to bed early and stayed up.. Now he is awake and I am tired.. But he really needed a good sleep. And he seems to be quite happy this morning already. I can handle being tired as long as he is not a grump grump!
Oh SweetMama! What a day.. I'm glad that you have some great options! We also are doing a hospital birth with midwives. We had a hospital birth with my first, and it was awesome. No complaints whatsoever. So I'm happy to do it again! I'm sorry about the shooter at the Mall.. I'll pray for continued safety for your family. This is kind of what's going on with me.. I am currently on a modified bed rest right now.. Good 'ol sub chorionic hematoma.. Found out about it at a...
Definitely helps from wriggly co-sleepers. My son will come close and reach for me with his arm sometimes, but he would have to be half awake to get past it. My husband is also a mover in the night.. Must be where my son gets it from. Haha.. It basically gives me my own space. One thing that worries me is getting kicked in the belly while my son was sleeping (he loves to kick the blankets off) or something like that, but with how I have my pillow, it would be impossible...
I just wanted to add that with my last pregnancy I had so much hip pain and tried all the pillows I could, but I was always uncomfortable. I always went from side to side just wanting to sleep on my back! This time I found the "snoogle" pillow. If you google it, it is the most amazing sleep pillow ever!!! Pretty expensive.. But soo worth it in my eyes. I've had no hip pain this time.. So far. And I sleep way better. It's a long c shape. And I can easily fake sleeping on my...
In my first pregnancy, I was eating Mini-Wheats the cereal, and I said to my sister, the baby is about the size of this mini-wheat! And it stuck. We called the baby a mini wheat the whole pregnancy. Then when I told her about this pregnancy, it just came right back. Me and my husband both call the baby that! Our little Mini-wheat!!
That's cool Tenk! You've definitely got me looking really close at the ultrasound pictures now! Lol! I didn't even think anyone could tell from these pictures! I'm so excited to find out.
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