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Yay OtherMother!! I've been thinking of you! So glad it's finally happening for you. Hope everything goes well and that you'll be holding your baby in your arms very soon!!
Yes I have those. I haven't been wanting to use them because I have been leaking a lot, but I'd rather them leak so that it gets released rather than blocked.. I'm not sure if its bad for your ducts if you don't let them leak out a little. Just my own thinking I guess!The lily pads do work though! I use them if I go to a swimming pool or anything like that! Sometimes when I take them off there is a little milk pooled behind them, but not as much as If I just let them leak....
I'm with you PBM. Almost identical actually! I'm 2 weeks PP and belly is pretty much back to normal. I've lost 20 lbs so far. Linea nigra is still hangin out and my belly button needs to go back to normal. But otherwise I feel good about how things are going!
PBM-I know how you feel with the car seat situation! My son also hated his car seat. Until we could finally face him forward. I think he may have suffered a bit of motion sickness. I get really bad motion sickness if I'm facing backwards in a vehicle. So it makes me wonder if kids do too. My DD so far has no trouble with the seat as long as she's fed, changed and happy. She's only two weeks though so we'll see. As for the vitamin D. I actually just started supplementing...
Congratulations!!! So happy for you Bumkins!! She has lots of hair! Love it. Enjoy the baby cuddles!
Congrats Lulu! Glad your OB was on top of things! Hope you are at peace with everything. Hope your recovery goes well
Awe!! Love those pictures Lisethana! Beautiful baby
Yay lisethana!! So happy for you that you're on the other side now! Congratulations!! And I love the name! Hope you are recovering well and that your beautiful babe is doing good too!
Congratulations Trisha and Sweetpea!! Trisha-what an experience to be thinking twins all along and then find out you just had a big placenta! I've been waiting for your announcement!! How exciting! And I love the name Alexander! Sweetpea-I also named my daughter Lily!! It's such a beautiful name!! Great minds think alike. Congratulations to you! And I'm glad you had an awesome water birth. I did as well and I get what you mean when you say you let your body do most the...
Congratulations Amlikam!!!! Must be such a relief to be holding your little one in your arms
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