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Oh OtherMother, now I feel bad! Lol. Can't believe I was complaining and I went into labor the next day. I really hope it's soon for you!!
Thanks TJ and SB. I never thought of using a washcloth. That is actually a really great idea. The pads that I have been using are Kotex brand and they say "natural" on them. I'll have to look a little closer on the package. My flow has lightened up quite a bit now. Hope it stays that way. Thanks for the input ladies
Oh sweet pea!! I hope this is it for you! Good luck Mama!
I bled for 8 weeks with my first.. Seemed like forever! This time it's already lightening up quite a bit and I'm only 6 days PP. I'm glad, however I'm dealing with a lot of irritation "down there" from wearing pads all the time but not having a heavy flow. I'm guessing. I've been having Epsom salt baths and dropping calendula into the bath water as well, doesn't seem to be helping, but maybe if I manage to do it everyday. Anyone else suffering this? Any ideas for me? I...
Yay Marie!! So glad for you! Congratulations
Nstewart- my milk did come in later that day! And it came in with a vengeance!! My boobs are so full, but not quite engorged yet. Ive definitely forgotten what it feels like to be this full! Been trying to nurse often so that engorgement doesn't happen. My nipples have been healing slowly but surely. My MW came over yesterday and I asked her to help me get a better latch so that my nipples can heal faster. She's a pro, so I'm glad I asked. My nipples feel better already! I...
Congrats Adventuregirl!! Right on your Due date! Awesome!
Definitely loving having my belly back to myself. It's jelly for sure, but its going down nicely. My belly button is still popped out. Which seems weird to me. Hope it goes back in as nicely as it was before!! Otherwise, loving every minute and embracing everything my body is throwing at me!!
I'm just starting day 3 pp. Emotionally I feel great. I'm so in love with my little family of four now! My DH has been helping immensely, my birth was awesome and so much better than my first. I keep getting great support statements from DH saying how awesome I did with this birth and how great of a Mom I am. So I think he is really helping me along emotionally. Physically it's a bit different, not so awesome.. The after pains are horrible!! I wish someone would have told...
Oh Mariewalter.. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I sincerely hope its not too much longer for you. I didn't have prodromal labor with either pregnancy, but I do sympathize for you having to go through "labor" and then having it just stop.
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