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Thank you so much everyone! I absolutely love her!! Mariewalter-hope it happens soon for you! Moriah-hope everything works out the way you'd like!
Lily Elizabeth was born at 2:55 pm today!! Home now from the hospital and nursing like a champ!! Had a wonderful water birth. I will have to write up the birth story soon! Thanks for the well wishes. I'm so glad to finally be holding my baby girl
Contractions have been steady since 3am this morning. Should be welcoming a baby on this beautiful day!
OtherMother-hope you get your full moon babe!! Adventure girl and Lisethana- I'm also working on my patience. You guys have way less time than me though. I have been trying to keep busy reading books and trying to enjoy my son. But I just really wanna have this baby! I hate waking up every morning and thinking "wonder if today will be the day" and then nothing happens. Sigh.. I guess no matter what we will all have babies at the end of this!!! It's just not in our timing....
As of tomorrow I will be in the single digits!! 9 days til due date! Can't hardly believe it. I actually thought I would have had the baby by now, but I guess she has other plans! Lol. Can't wait to hold her!
Not so miserable anymore over here. The BH aren't as frequent anymore, either that or I've gotten used to them. I don't feel icky really anymore. I'm thinking I had a little bug or something. Because I feel 10 times better today than I did at the beginning of the week. I was wishing all those signs were leading to labor, but alas.. I am still here.. With no more signs. This might take longer than I thought!
Jac- congratulations on the birth of your little one!! Sorry you didn't get your VBAC. But I bet your glad to have your little one in your arms with no complications. Pastormama-I'm so sorry you are feeling like this. I had a bad first night in the hospital as well with my first born. My son wouldn't breastfeed either. But everyone said it will get better when you get home, and it magically did. I hope that happens for you as well. You are an excellent Mom! Hope you are...
Mariewalter- awesome that you're getting some signs! I'm sure if you just spend some time on your hands and knees, or doing squats, babe will turn back to anterior! I've also been trying to stay upright instead of leaning back. Sure is hard, I just wanna relax! Adventure girl- I bet it will be soon for you! At least I hope it is! Cobabymaker- so glad to hear everything went well with your c/s. congrats!!!! So happy for you! AFM- my sister in law who is my doula, flew in...
Yay TJ!! Congratulations!!!! So happy for you that you are finally holding your little girl! Adventure girl- that's awesome that baby dropped!! It will be really soon I bet. I hope you're not too uncomfortable!
Thanks ladies!! My sister takes pictures as a hobby and I think she did a great job!! She's made me feel beautiful when I don't feel so beautiful with these pictures! Lol!
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