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It's been so long since anyone's posted a belly picture!! Guess everyone is losing their bellies! Lol. Did a little maternity shoot last week and thought I'd show you guys a couple of my favorites! I'm 38 weeks tomorrow so hoping not to have the belly for too much longer either!
OtherMother- you are totally right about just enjoying your other LO's. I've been spending a lot of time with my son, cuddling, reading books, talking with him. Trying to get my time in before it gets crazy around here. And I never had any signs that I was in labor with my first either. It just all of a sudden happened! Bloody show and mucous plug lost and baby 18 hours later. This time it seems like I'm anticipating it and I'm driving myself nuts. Cobabymaker- that is...
NStewart, lynann and Jess.. Those babies are adorable!! Thanks for posting and allowing us Mama's who are still waiting for our babies, to squeal over how cute yours are!! Lol FarmerMama- glad to hear!!
Adventure girl- thanks for the sympathy!! I really hope your labor signs turn out to be the real thing soon! That's nice that you're working and that it takes your mind off things. I've been trying to distract myself with whatever I can. But now my house is clean and everything is ready, now what!? Lol. I wanted to be prepared for another 38 week birth, (which I guess technically is still possible but I don't wanna get my hopes up..) I didn't think about going later. I'll...
No baby here yet. But hoping that it will be soon! I've been pretty miserable. BH are definitely increasing. I'm restless but exhausted at the same time. Lost my mucous plug. Which I know doesn't mean much! But it seems my bowels are clearing and I've just felt crampy and icky for the last couple days. My cervix is soft and 1.5 cm dilated. My son was born at 38 weeks, and I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. Here's hoping I don't have to deal with this for too long. Sunday night I...
I am just so miserable right now! I feel restless but at the same time feel so exhausted. The BH are increasing and I've lost my mucous plug (not that it means much) my bowels seem to be clearing as well. I haven't had much of an appetite. And I just feel crampy and icky all the time. My cervix is soft and 1.5cm dilated. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. My first was born at 38 weeks, so here's hoping I don't have to endure this much longer!
FarmerMama- hope baby will be good enough to be out of the NICU soon! My thoughts are with you! Philsbabymama- you look so great! Malcolm is sure a cute baby! I can't believe you have a 3.5 week old baby! That's just awesome though! Have a great Mother's Day!
Other mother- I'm not really a pro when it comes to bottles, I didn't try one at all with my son, or even a pacifier. (Definitely wanted to at times) I remember nursing every hour, and just wanting a break! Hope you find what works for you! I can imagine how amazing it would have been to just have one feeding break! Cobabymaker-sorry that your daughter is having a little trouble with baby coming soon. I hope it's not stressing you out too much. My son seems to be very...
Yay TJ!!! Bet it'll be soon!
TJ- when I went into labor, I started bleeding and didn't know I was in labor, when I went to the hospital, they told me I was in labor and then checked me and said I was 1 cm dilated, then I lost my mucous plug shortly after. And 17 hours later my son was born! Up until that day, I had no bloody show or mucous plug fall out!! So chances are it'll all happen at once for you!
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