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Congratulations Joy2grow!! Sounds like a great birth!! Enjoy those baby cuddles!!
So exciting that you're having a home birth! Good luck with everything when the time comes!
A ride for sure!! Are you planning a home birth? That's so funny that you are loving being hugely pregnant. I'm so done and I am only measuring 35cm at 37 weeks. Lol!! Can't imagine measuring 49!!!!!
Ahh!! That's so exciting Trish!! Good to be prepared!
Wow berry mama!! Thanks for letting me know!! Now I really feel good about everything! Congrats again!!
NStewart-congrats again on the birth of your little boy! Sounds like things are going good! Enjoy the baby cuddles!! Jac-so sorry about the prodromal labor, I've never had it and I pray that I don't either this time. It can't be easy to have that. Hope that baby decides to come soon for you. TJ- sorry your frustrated. Hope your baby comes soon too! The end is so hard for everyone. We all just wanna meet our babies!! Cobabymaker- glad you are getting things done! So...
I'm on my second pregnancy right now. (37 weeks) I had 2 stretch marks by each hip that I got with my first pregnancy, and this pregnancy they just seemed to stretch a little bit more. The marks had faded, but now on the top and bottom of the stretch marks, they are purple because they stretched more. I don't think I'm necessarily bigger this time around, just carrying a lot higher, so maybe that is why. With my first pregnancy I got most of my stretch marks on my boobs,...
Wanted to update that I had my appt today and saw the more experienced Midwife. So glad that it was her! She measured me today at 35cm and baby was anterior (bum sticking out) she also said that baby was posterior at that last appt by looking at the other MW's notes. And said that could have affected the measurement more than likely. She also said baby is really low. Which I agree, cuz I can feel the baby low. Just by palpating baby's bum, she feels like its not a super...
Well I had my appointment today and I was measured by the more experienced Midwife. I was very glad that I was seeing her!! I told her about the last measurement at 32cm and she was a bit baffled. Then said the baby was posterior at that appt by looking at the notes, and said that would definitely affect the measurement. So she felt for herself how baby was lying today and measured me at 35cm with baby being anterior. She could also tell that baby was pretty low. (Which I...
21 more days until EDD!! Officially full term today at 37 weeks. Feels so good to have made it to this point. Baby will come when she's ready!
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