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Great story NStewart!! Glad you had a wonderful home birth!! Hope you and baby are doing well! Thanks for sharing your story!!
Congrats FarmerMama and Epeepee!!! Beautiful babes for sure!!
This is me too! When I was pregnant with my son, I ate a lot of junk food. Pretty much just ate whatever I wanted when I wanted it. I did eat healthier options some of the time too though. But my son was born at 38 weeks at 7lbs 1oz.I have definitely ate a lot healthier this pregnancy, especially going from eating pretty much everything with gluten/dairy in it, to no gluten/dairy at all. (The odd yogurt here and there) I actually lost some weight at my last appt too. Which...
Love those pictures OtherMother! I'm hoping to get some nice maternity pictures this week! Better do it before its too late!
Good luck Eepeepee!! And to Ghislaine, congratulations! Hope she can come home from the NICU soon! Othermother, I'm with you, 36w4d over here. Lots of BH as well! No other signs, (have never checked my cervix, not sure I'd know what I'm doing!) and not really feeling like it will be very soon, but you never know for sure. I'm hoping to make it to 38 weeks at least.
Oh I hope everything turns out okay..
Great Job BaileyB! Congratulations!
Thanks so much to everyone for sharing! It's so interesting to see everyone's experiences I'm hoping soon I can add to this! Lol.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience skycheattraffic! It does make me feel better! I've slowly been letting go of the anxiety. Can't help the baby to be stressed! I really hope I am just carrying this baby differently too!
Thanks for your reply Shiloh. I think this baby is a lot lower than my first ever was. So I'm hoping that's what's doing it. I don't have that "bowling ball" feeling, but at some times of the day I find I can feel the baby really low. And it causes a bit of a waddle. Either that she's low or maybe she is a small baby. I will ask for an ultrasound if I feel concerned with the measurement at my next appt. Anyone else have this happen and everything turned out fine anyway?
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